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The Frontline System for your Child's Education

The Gordon County School Transportation Department makes available school bus service for students enrolled in Gordon County Schools who reside in the school district of the school they are attending. School transportation is provided in conformance with pupil transportation policies and procedures established by the State Board of Education and the Gordon County Board of Education.

Approximately 80 buses are used to service about 154 routes carrying approximately 7000 students. A reserve fleet of 16 buses is maintained for growth, back-up service and for some activity trips. Most drivers have an elementary school route and either a middle school or a high school route. Some drivers, such as our Special Needs Drivers, may serve several different schools in both their morning and afternoon routes.

Gordon County's school bus fleet meets all national and state safety specifications. Each bus undergoes an annual safety inspection by the Georgia Department of Motor Vehicles, as well as a monthly safety inspection conducted by our own Transportation fleet mechanics. The G.D.M.V. also conducts random safety checks throughout the year.

Bus drivers complete an intensive training program and must pass the road and written test required to secure a commercial driver's license (CDL), with a Passenger endorsement. They undergo a physical examination before employment, including a drug test, and again at the beginning of each school year. They are also subject to random drug testing through out the school year.

School transportation is a privilege and to maintain this privilege, a student must abide by established bus conduct rules. A pupil's transportation privilege may be suspended or revoked if conduct creates a disruption or safety hazard on the school bus. The principal or his/her designee handles all disciplinary action taken for misconduct on the school bus.

Only authorized personnel are allowed aboard a school bus. Authorized personnel include the driver, transportation department employees, pupils, approved school system personnel, chaperones, and law enforcement officers.

Written authorization from a parent, with the signature of a local school administrator must be presented to the bus driver in order for a student to leave the school bus at any stop other than his/her regular stop.

On occasion, a pupil may ride on a bus to which they are not regularly assigned if there is space available and the pupil has written authorization from a parent signed by a local school administrator.


 Click on the following link for your students safety guidelines for loading, unloading and riding a school bus.

Georgia Department of Education

These materials are an integral piece of our expanded effort to ensure the safety of Georgia's students at the school bus stop, when loading and unloading at their stop, when riding the bus and when getting on and off the bus at schools.




At the Bus Stop

  • Get up and get ready on time.  Arrive at the bus stop five minutes before the bus is scheduled to come.
  • Wait at the bus stop in a safe place, 12 feet away from the road.
  • Wait in an orderly group.  Form an orderly line as the bus approaches, with the first student in line standing 12 feet away from traffic.
  • Return home and get help or phone for assistance if you miss the bus. 
    • NEVER chase after the bus.
    • NEVER walk to another bus stop.
    • NEVER allow your parents to drive you to another bus stop.

Your bus driver will not be expecting you.


Loading on the Roadway

  • If you DO have to cross the road to GET ON the bus:
    • Wait 12 feet off the road and wait for the bus to stop and for the driver’s signal for when it is safe to cross from where you are standing.
    • Look for moving cars as you walk to the edge of the road.
    • Stop at the edge of the road and look both ways to be sure that any moving cars come to a stop.
    • Look both ways for moving cars while walking straight across the road.
    • Cross 12 feet in front of the bus.
  • Make sure you can see the bus driver, so they can see you. 
  • Stay away from the front and rear bus tires.