District Testing Information


Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment are the cornerstones of Gordon County Schools’ continuous improvement. The district assessment program includes all summative annual tests mandated by the Georgia Department of Education as well as frequent formative classroom and system assessments used to measure student academic growth and assist with instructional planning during teacher collaboration.

Gordon County Schools Test Security

Gordon County Schools understand the importance of having a high quality student testing program. Each School Test Coordinator provides regular training for school test examiners according to the system procedures and the Georgia Department of Education regulations. When not in use for testing, all testing materials are stored in a secured, locked room and only school administrators have keyed access. Principals and School Test Coordinators carefully monitor all state testing to ensure procedures are followed. All testing procedures are designed to be consistent with guidance provided in the Georgia Department of Education Student Assessment Handbook and in strict adherence to the Code of Ethics for Educatiors established by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission.

State-mandated assessments include the following:

·         Georgia Kindergarten Inventory of Developmental Skills (GKIDS)

·         Georgia Milestones: End of Grade Assessment (EOG) for grades 3-8

·         Georgia Milestones: End of Course (EOC) for high school core courses

·         CTAE End of Pathway Assessment (EOPA) for high school students

·         National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP) for students in grades 4, 8, and 12 in selected schools, as determined by the GDOE

·         Georgia Alternate Assessment (GAA) for students in a functional curriculum

·         ACCESS for ELLs to access English language proficiency

·         Technology Assessment for 8th grade

·         Student Learning Objectives (SLO assessment)

System periodic assessments are developed and administered in the areas of reading and math for selected grades. Gordon County uses a data warehouse, Performance Matters, to store data from state tests and system periodic assessments. Teacher and instructional coaches utilize this data for instructional lesson planning and academic instruction supports.

·         Math benchmark assessments for grades: 1-5, 6-8, and high school Coordinate Algebra & Analytic Geometry

·         Reading benchmark assessment for grades 1-5 & 6-8

Updated 10/2015