Disposition Policy and Form
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Technology Disposal Form

Technology Department Policy for Surplus and Disposal of Technology - October 22, 2015 

The Gordon County Schools Technology Department is responsible for tracking and disposing of GCS technology. All equipment and supplies purchased with Gordon County School funds is the property of Gordon County Schools (regardless of funding source) until the appropriate approvals and disposition processes are followed. The following guidelines apply: 

* Items that are no longer needed by a department are required to be surplused via the Procedure for Surplus and Disposal of Technology. 

* Under no circumstances can Gordon County School technology be simply thrown away, given away, or taken home. 

* Appropriate Federal Program Director/Coordinator will be consulted for approval according to program guidelines prior to any disposal. 

* These protocols are in effect regardless of the cost of the item or equipment. 

Procedures for Surplusing Gordon County Schools' technology 


Step 1: Complete a Surplus Pickup Request form available on the GCS Technology Department website by clicking HERE

1.1: Computer CPU’s, Laptops, and Servers should be entered on a separate Surplus Pickup Request from other department items and equipment due to sanitation requirements. Monitors, printers, keyboards, and mice do not require sanitizing and should be entered on the same Surplus Pickup Request with routine surplus items. All computer CPU’s, laptops, servers, and hard drives must be sanitized to protect sensitive information. The GCS Technology Department is responsible for the sanitation of these items. It is the responsibility of the Gordon County Schools' Technology Department to ensure that no computers are disposed of by means of sealed bid, retail sales, or transferred to other organizations without a sticker confirming the computer has been sanitized by the GCS Technology Department. If recycled, the GCS Technology Department will obtain a Certificate of Destruction from the Electronics Recycler. 

1.2: If the item(s) being surplused has a Fixed Assets’ tag number, this number must be entered in the Asset # field on the Surplus Pickup Request. If the unit does not have a Fixed Assets’ tag number, the manufacturer, serial number, and model number are required to be listed for all CPU’s, 

laptops, and servers. 

2.3: Each item needs to be listed individually with a complete description. Items cannot be entered in “lots”. For example, if you have 5 laptops to surplus, each laptop must be listed including the condition and description. If any items are damaged or are in non-working order, please denote this in the description field. A miscellaneous box of small items is acceptable; however, a quantity and description of the miscellaneous items must be entered in the description field (i.e. 2 mice, 3 headphones, 2 keyboards). The only exception is a box of cords. A description of each cord is not necessary; just enter one box of miscellaneous cords. 

The Surplus Pickup Request must be approved at the department level by the administrator or user that has been granted approval authority. Upon authorization, the user or administrator is verifying that all conditions as listed in the Procedures for Surplus and Disposal have been met. This includes obtaining approval from the appropriate Federal Program Director/Coordinator of the funding source prior to moving forward. 

Step 2: Once the SPR has been approved, enter a Work Order Request to have the GCS Technology Department pick up items going to Surplus via the KACE Tech Support Ticketing system. When completing the Work Order Request, it is NOT necessary to list all items from the pickup manifest on the work order; however, the approved SPR MUST BE ATTACHED TO THE TICKET. 

The Gordon County Technology Department has requested a two week lead time in picking up your items. Special needs should be referred directly to Bryan Nicholson at 706-629-7366 X 8020 or bnicholson@gcbe.org 

Step 3: With the appropriate Technology Support Ticket and a copy of the approved SPR in hand, the Technology Department will verify the items for pickup, verify and note the quantity, and will ask a department representative to sign off in the “Pickup Authorized by” section of the SPR, which denotes the department’s approval of the items going to Surplus. Technology Department personnel will also sign the pickup manifest denoting they are receiving/moving the property. 

NOTE: The department is responsible for the safety and security of all Gordon County Schools' equipment and supplies until the Technology Department has taken possession. We do not recommend you sit items in the hallway or other unsecured areas where items may easily be removed by Faculty, Staff, Students, or visitors. 

Step 4: The Technology Department will relocate the items to the Technology Office at the Holland Complex. 

REMEMBER: Property is not considered surplus until it’s received by the Technology Department. In addition, property can only be surplused by following the steps listed above. Example: If your department purchases new computers for several staff members and an older computer is to be reassigned to another staff member within the department, the computer would not be considered surplus. However, the move must be officially requested following the steps outlined in the Inventory Move Request Procedure. 

Obsolete and broken equipment will be decommissioned and sold to an Electronics Recycling Company. Working and/or current equipment (not moved within GCS) is placed on a list and bid through govdeals.com. Individuals may bid on these items. For information regarding the bid process, go to govdeals.com. Item(s) not sold via the bid process with State Surplus Property will be decommissioned and sold to an Electronics Recycling company.