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  • AMS Inducts Students into REACH Scholars Program

    Ashworth inducted four eighth grade students into the REACH Georgia mentorship and scholarship program: Alicia Dela Cruz, Tayib Evans, Jayden Jones and Kaitlyn Smith. The students were joined by family members for the ceremony.

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  • Anngeleanna Milian Wins Presidential Debate

    Anngeleanna Milian has won the first Presidential debate for Mrs. Wong’s Warrior Time group. Anngeleanna successfully argued that President Ronald Reagan was the most influential president in the bracket. She faced President Wilson in the final debate and both students did exceptionally well. Our next debate club will begin after the Thanksgiving break.

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  • AMS Students Create Middle East News Broadcasts

    Students in Mrs. Wallin’s 7th grade Social Studies classes have been finishing their unit of study on the history of the Middle East by creating news broadcasts. Their focus was on U.S. presence and interest in Southwest Asia, including the Persian Gulf conflict and invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.

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  • AMS Recognizes "Super Readers"

    Congratulations to Charity Bagley, Vance Siburkis and Kazzi Rivera for being AMS Super Readers! These students have been recognized as enthusiastic and prolific readers by their ELA teachers.

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  • AMS Students Conduct Egg Drop Experiment

    Mr. Langston's Warrior time recently competed in an egg drop competition. Students were asked to design a structure that would protect an egg from impact shock using limited resources. Using STEM skills, all the students were able to create a device that saved the egg from a 6ft drop. The winners, Myriam Perez and Michelle Cardoza, designed a device that saved the egg from a 12 foot drop.

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  • AMS Honors Veterans for their Service to our Country

    Ashworth is proud to honor our veterans with this video presentation. We are grateful to all the veterans who have served our country and those currently serving. Thank you to everyone who submitted entries for this presentation.

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  • AMS Announces 2020 Spelling Bee Winners

    Ashworth Middle School would like to congratulate the winners of the 2020 school-level spelling bee. Seth Kolterman, 7th grader, is the overall winner. Lionel Ragsdale, 8th grader, was runner up. Both students exhibited outstanding spelling abilities.

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  • AMS Students Participate in Propaganda Poster Walk

    Ms. Abernathy’s 7th grade ELA classes participated in a World War II propaganda poster walk during class today. This was to help prepare them for their informational writing unit they are about to begin.

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  • AMS Students Cast Their Vote!

    Ashworth students voted today! Read the full story to get a complete list of the results.

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  • AMS Students Research Navajo Code Talkers in Warrior Time Book Club

    Students in Ms. Burnham's Warrior Time Book Club recently completed the novel Code Talker by Joseph Bruchac. As part of their activities for the book club, students kept reading journals, created a doodle book review, and researched WW2 topics related to the Navajo Code Talkers featured in the book's plot. "Our book was great!," stated 8th grader Amir Bolden. "Ms. Burnham made our book so fun by reading with us and showing us pictures and videos about the real code talkers who helped our country win the war," he went on to say. 8th grader Danny Samayoa said, "I learned so much about a part of WW2 that I knew nothing about."

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  • Ashworth is a Registered "Safe Place" for Youth in Crisis

    Ashworth is a registered "Safe Place" for Youth in Crisis. Safe Place is a national organization for youth under the age of 18, that are experiencing homelessness or who may be in crisis. The program is designed to provide a young person who is homeless with immediate shelter, resources and other basic needs.

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  • Parent Newsletters are Now Available

    Middle Years parent newsletters are now available in English and Spanish on the Family and Parent Engagement page.

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  • AMS Students Present Georgia History Gallery Walk

    Mrs. Wong’s 8th grade Georgia Studies classes conducted research on the Founding Fathers last week. Students also participated in a gallery walk and admired the student-made 3D models from their Colonial Georgia unit.

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  • AMS Students Research Social Issues as Investigative Journalists

    Students in Ms. Burnham's 8th grade ELA classes have been learning about social issues impacting teens as part of their Investigative Journalism Unit.

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  • AMS Students Write Personal Narratives

    Students in Ms. Towe's 6th grade ELA classes recently enjoyed a lovely celebration in honor of writing three complete personal narratives in two weeks. They listened to readings from their peers' published work and provided targeted feedback to one another to honor their hard work.

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