Why not start out the games by seeing who has what it takes to overcome their fears and take on some real challenges. In this game, you will place a bowl of boiled eggs in front of the players. All players must pick up an egg out of a big bowl and on the count of three, immediately crack it against their forehead. 

    The challenge is before the game you tell the players that one of the eggs is actually raw. Who has the courage to egg themselves in the face? The trick is that ALL the eggs are actually boiled and this is just a test of courage. The players that hesitate to crack the egg fails. Award all the players that don’t hesitate with 5 points.


    Empty a variety of different jars of baby food into individual bowls (make sure you know which is which). Label the bowls with numbers and challenge players to taste every bowl and try and guess what it is. To make it more of a challenge, add some food coloring into the food that might be given away by its color. Make sure to have paper and pencils handy so guests can write their answers on them. The winner is the one that tastes and guesses the most correctly. Award 1 point for every correct guess, and 3 additional points to the one that has the most correct guesses.


    Fill a bathtub or kiddie pool with water, marbles, and tons of ICE (you want it to be freezing). The object of the game is for players to stick their foot in the ice water and grab as many marbles as they can in a two minute period. The winner is, of course, the one that collects the most marbles. Award 1 point for every marble they are able to retrieve and 3 additional points to the one that pulls out the most.


    Place ten gummy worms at the bottom of a pie tin (you’ll need to make one for every player). Next, fill the pie tin with whip cream. On the start of go, all players must place their hands behind their back and retrieve all 10 gummy worms with their mouths. This game is perfect for PICTURES, so make sure you have your camera ready!

    The first player to retrieve all ten worms and eat them wins! To make the worms more like real earthworms you can cover them in honey and crushed Oreo cookies. You might want to take the number of worms down to five or six if you do this because the worms become sickly sweet. Award 10 points to the winner! You can also give 1 point for every worm that the other players were able to eat up to that point.


    This is a simple but challenging game. On the start of go, every player picks up an ice cube and holds it in their FIST for as long as they can. If they open their hand then they’re out. To give the game more of an ick factor use red food coloring to color the water before freezing. Award 8 points to the person that holds it the longest, 5 points for the person that comes in 2nd, and 3 points to the person that comes in 3rd.


    To end the games offer everyone a chance to earn a quick extra five points. All they have to do is eat a spoonful of cat food. Don’t really use cat food, as long as they think they're eating cat food. Replace the label from a can of spam with the label from a can of cat food of the same size.  When it is time for the game, open the can in front of all the players. Offer 5 extra points to everyone willing to eat a spoonful.

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