1. Pictionary: you can make up your own words and put them all in a bucket for the artists to draw from or you can find Pictionary word prompts online and print and cut them out. They even have lists based on difficulty level. This game requires at least 4 people to play and is more fun with more people. 
    2. Minute to Win it: Players try to complete hilarious tasks before the minute is up.
    3. Flashlight Tag: Hide and seek in the dark. Scary and fun. 
    4. Card Deck Exercise ChallengeOkay, you take a deck of cards and assign an exercise to each suit (ex. diamonds are squats, clubs are crunches, spades are jumping jacks, and hearts are push-ups). Then, you shuffle the deck, lay it face down, put on your workout playlist, and draw a card. You have to do the number and type of exercise moves that you assigned to the card (ex. if you draw a 9 of diamonds, you do 9 squats). Face cards are 10. Try to get through the whole deck! You can change the exercises to fit your level and preference each time you play.
    5. Escape Room: Make an escape room! These are so fun and you can find templates online to help you create one. 
    6. Scavenger Hunt: Any kind of scavenger hunt can be fun, or at least something to do. A few classics are a photo scavenger hunt, a nature scavenger hunt, or a household one. To increase the excitement, try making it a beat-the-clock version or a competitive type (who can find everything first?). Make your own hunting list or find scavenger hunt lists online. These are easy and cost nothing.  Go on a scavenger hunt in your yard or create one for a sibling to complete
    7. Heritage/Family History Album: (I came up with this as a way to document everything I could about my family before I was unable to do so and I wanted to be able to pass it on to my kids) Interview family members, research your ancestry, and start a family history album (make it digital so you can easily share it with other family members). Document all of the stories that have been passed down, look up your family crest or coat of arms, consider checking out Ancestry.com and see what you can discover, add family recipes, traditions, pictures of heirlooms and the stories behind them, patents, hobbies, etc.
    8. Family Field Day: This will probably require at least 4 people to be fun. Classic field day activities like tug-of-war, three-legged race, wheelbarrow race, etc. This is similar to obstacle course.
    9. Digital Magazine: Make a digital "magazine" about you, your crazy family, your pet's life, etc. for each day or week. You can have fun coming up with a name for the magazine, designing covers with photos and headlines, quotes, and lots of pictures! 
    10. Make a Movie: This can be one that you film using iMovie or similar or you could go the animation route and make a stop-motion animated movie, a zoetrope, or an old-fashioned flip book. Look online for guides, instructions, apps, etc. 
    11. Write/compose a song: There are lots of approaches to this one. Look for help online where you can find lots of apps, ideas and information. Maybe you can turn a completed Mad Libs into a song or make up songs for things that you have trouble remembering, or for daily tasks and chores...like a brush your teeth song or make up advertising jingles for a product (real or made-up), or make a sound about birds with music composed entirely of bird sounds.
    12. Commit Covert Acts of Kindness (Don't get caught!): See if you can get away with doing nice things for others without being discovered! 
    13. Senior Year:  Activities could include: Senior bucket list with fun things but also things like apply for scholarships, Scrapbook (online or print-- of all 4 years. Senior Wisdom: Lists of lessons learned and advice to pass on to the underclassmen, a digital yearbook that includes senior pictures along with a senior quote. Include their own senior photo, photos of groups, events and club activities that they have participated in, side-by-side pictures of a baby picture next to a reproduction of the baby photo taken now, Senior moments section with funny blooper type pictures, and even a digital yearbook signing event.
    14. Pit Spit competition: 🤷‍♀️ (It was pretty late by this time in the brainstorming session) Get some fruits with pits (cherries, etc.) and set up some targets (buckets, cans, jars, corn hole board, hoops?) and let the spitting begin. May the most accurate launcher of pit projectiles win!
    15. Sharing is Caring: Learn from each other by having each member of the family take turns in the role as teacher by teaching the rest of the family (the students) a skill or some kind of knowledge that is unique to them or that they want to share (ex. juggling, Hoola-hooping, baking bread, changing a tire, method for folding laundry, using snapchat or tik Tok, doing a cartwheel, dance moves, drawing, budgeting money, chopping wood, etc.).
    16. Spa Night: set up a relaxing spa night for yourself or for the whole family, even the pets! 
    17. Fake a Day at the Beach or other exotic location: Do your best to transform part of your home (indoor or outdoor) into a dreamy destination.
    18. Spring Cleaning Day: Crank up the music and clean it all out. Trash, sell, donate, clean EVERYTHING, and organize. 
    19. Outdoor Cleaning Day: Crank up the music, have a small "cool off and fuel on" station with misters, fans, bugspray, sunscreen, towels, ice and drinks in a cooler and healthy snacks. Activities could include: cut grass, edge, rake leaves, pressure wash house, weed garden, trash, sell, donate unused "junk" that might be laying around, clean and organize garage/tools, wash cars and bikes, etc.
    20. Find a safe and Healthy online challenge and participate! 
    21. Obstacle course: Create a (safe) obstacle course in your house or your yard for yourself or siblings, parents.
    22. Make chalk art
    23. Complete a 300 piece plus puzzle
    24. Pull out board games and challenge family members to a game.
    25. Make arts and craftshttps://www.momjunction.com/articles/cool-arts-and-crafts-ideas-for-teens_00377483/
    26. Go on a virtual field trip https://www.weareteachers.com/best-virtual-field-trips/
    27. Study you family’s history and make a family tree
    28. Learn a new language using the Duolingo App
    29. Draw your favorite character(s)
    30. Read a new book: www.gcbe.org/shslibrary
    31. Cook a new recipe
    32. Learn all you can about a new place you’d like to travel to in the future
    33. Learn a new song in another language
    34. Play card games like Go Fish, Rummy, etc.
    35. Build a house out of cards
    36. Play charades (Can start with something simple like “Guess which animal I am”)
    37. Create a theme night-For instance have a night with Mexican Cuisine (tacos), watch “Coco”, and create your family tree (which relates to the Coco theme of family and ancestors)