• Bus Safety Information

    At the Bus Stop

    • Get up and get ready on time.  Arrive at the bus stop five minutes before the bus is scheduled to come.
    • Wait at the bus stop in a safe place, 12 feet away from the road.
    • Wait in an orderly group.  Form an orderly line as the bus approaches, with the first student in line standing 12 feet away from traffic.
    • Return home and get help or phone for assistance if you miss the bus. 
      • NEVER chase after the bus.
      • NEVER walk to another bus stop.
      • NEVER allow your parents to drive you to another bus stop. Your bus driver will not be expecting you.


    Loading on the Roadway

    • If you DO have to cross the road to GET ON the bus:
      • Wait 12 feet off the road and wait for the bus to stop and for the driver’s signal for when it is safe to cross from where you are standing.
      • Look for moving cars as you walk to the edge of the road.
      • Stop at the edge of the road and look both ways to be sure that any moving cars come to a stop.
      • Look both ways for moving cars while walking straight across the road.
      • Cross 12 feet in front of the bus.
    • Make sure you can see the bus driver, so they can see you. 
    • Stay away from the front and rear bus tires.