• Destruction of Special Education Records


    In compliance with the Georgia Records Act, the Gordon County School District’s records retention schedule, and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) regulations on destruction of data collected, maintained or used in the provision of a free and appropriate public education of students with disabilities in the District’s schools, the Special Education Department announces its intention to destroy special education records as indicated below after the following date:  October 1, 2021.

    Records for students who were enrolled in a special education program in the district’s schools who were born before January 1, 1997 are no longer needed for educational purposes.

    A student or parent may need these records for Social Security or other reasons.  If you, as a former special education student or parent of a former special education student, wish to obtain these records prior to destruction, you should contact the Special Education Records Department at the Gordon County Schools Central Office, 205 Warrior Path, Calhoun, GA  30701.  Positive Identification will be required before the records will be released to the individual.

    For more information, contact Marianne Crawford, Special Education Records Clerk at (706) 629-4474 between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:30 p.m.


    Gordon County Schools Public Notice of Private/Home Schools Consultation Stakeholder Meeting for Students with Disabilities

    Regular stakeholder meetings are held to provide consultation to  private/homeschool representatives, as required by IDEA.  Gordon County Schools Director of Special Education will discuss the following:

    1. The Child Find process and how parentally placed private/homeschool children with disabilities can participate.

    2. The determination of the proportionate share amount of federal funds available to serve parentally placed private/home school children with disabilities, including how that amount was calculated.

    3. The consultation procedures among the Local Education Agency (LEA) and private school representatives and how the process will operate

     4. How, where, and by whom special education services and related services will be provided for parentally placed private/homeschooled children with disabilities, including a discussion of the type of services.

    5. How the LEA will provide a written explanation to private school officials of the reason why the LEA chose not to provide services if the LEA and private school officials disagree.


    The last meeting was schedued for September 15 at 9:00am at the Gordon County Board of Education. Based on input from parents, guaridans, and private schools, it was determined that the following services will be provided for the FY21 school year:

    *Direct services for speech, one 30 minute segment per week at a location determined by the district. 

    *Direct servcies for math, up to one hour of service per week at a location determined by the distrcit.

    *Direct services for reaidng, up to one hour of service per week at a location determinted by the district.

    *Provide 1 private school training on differentiation and support for struggling students (training will be provided as funds are available).

    *Provide 1 parent training on math and reading strategies (training will be provided as funds are avaiable).

    For more information, please conatct Alecia Segursky, Special Education Director, at 706-629-4474.