• ESOL Syllabus
    Mrs. Ashley Connally

    Gordon Central High School



    1st block          ESOL                                        216

    2nd block         American Government            321

    3rd block          American Lit/Comp                340

    4th block          Planning                     Office   217

    Standards:“English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) is a state-funded instructional program for eligible English Learners (ELs). The ESOL program is a standards-based curriculum emphasizing academic and social language development. ESOL coursework is based upon the WIDA Consortium English Language Development (ELD) standards. Classroom teachers integrate these ELD standards with the Georgia Performance Standards to enable ELs to both communicate in English and demonstrate their academic, social, and cultural proficiency. Instructional approaches, both in ESOL and general education classes, ensure that the needs of Georgia’s ELs are accommodated”.

    • English Language Learners will communicate for social and instructional purposes within the school setting.
    • English Language Learners will communicate information, ideas and concepts necessary for academic success in the content areas of Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.

    The ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 test will be administered annually to measure English Language Proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

    Materials Needed: binder with dividers, notebook paper, pens/pencils, earbuds/headphones
    (If a student is unable to obtain supplies for any class, the school and/or teacher can provide.)

    Evaluation & Grading:

    18 Weeks Grade

     40% Daily Work

     10% Employability Skills (Work Ethic)

     30% Tests

     10% Benchmark 1

     10% Benchmark 2


                     Semester Grade

    1st & 2nd 9 Weeks combined  80%

                             Final Exam  20%




    Consequences of discipline problems will be progressive in nature: warning, student conference, parent contact, detention, office referral. Students and parents should be familiar with the GCHS Student Handbook.

    Luzvinda Luna is the Bilingual Resources Coordinator for Gordon County Schools. She is located at Belwood Elementary but is available for all students, parents, and teachers. If necessary, she may contact you on my behalf, or if you need to contact me, you may go through her. Her contact information is lluna@gcbe.org or 706-879-5206

    New this year: All students may eat breakfast at school at NO COST! This is a great new benefit and we encourage everyone to take advantage of it.

    Classroom Expectations

    Be Ready!

    1. Be here every day, on time, ready to begin when the bell rings
    2. Be prepared by having required supplies and assignments.

    Be Responsible!

    1. Take care of computers, equipment, furniture, and supplies.
    2. No candy, food or drink near computers.
    3. Recycle paper and plastic bottles.
    4. Keep chairs flat on the floor!
    5. Cell phones & other personal technology devices will be allowed at certain times and should not be seen or heard otherwise. Sometimes they will be part of the lesson; other times allowed during breaks. If cell phones become a problem, students will be required to store them in a teacher-designated location upon entering the classroom.
    6. Take an active part in your learning and make an effort to improve your English. Practice, practice, practice!
    7. No hall passes in the first and last 15 minutes of the block. Do not ask to leave class to go to the vending machines for food. Take care of business before school, between classes, and during the lunch hour.  Student should fill out a hall pass and get the teacher’s signature before leaving.

    Be Respectful!

    1. Respect people and property. Respect the rights of others to learn and the teacher to teach. No one has the right to interfere with the learning of another student.
    2. Students are to stand during the morning pledges and remain quiet for the moment of silence.
    3. No talking during any intercom announcements.
    4. If the teacher or another student is talking to the class, you should not be talking
    5. At the end of class, stay seated until the bell rings.

    I have read the syllabus and understand what will be expected this semester and will do everything I can to support a positive learning environment.


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