• Gordon Central High School                       Spanish                                         2019-2020

                                       Teacher- Carol S. Ferguson


    Attendance and participation are keys to success in this course and both are enhanced by


    COURSE DESCRIPTION: Spanish is an establishment course in which the student will study the Spanish language and Spanish/Hispanic culture. The student will learn basic vocabulary and expressions in the Spanish language. The student will learn to understand, read, write and speak Spanish at the novice to intermediate level.



    1. Students will be expected to keep all class notes, worksheets, and tests to be used for studying purposes.
    2. Students will be expected to turn in all class work assigned on time. Class work & homework is positive.  You will lose 10 points per day it is late.  If you will not be there the day it is due, you should make plans to have someone else turn it in for you, or give it to me early.  Turning in late work will not help you learn the next assignment.
    3. Students are expected to make up all work missed during an absence from school. It is the student’s responsibility to ask the teacher for the assignments at the appropriate time. This must be arranged within 3 days after returning to school otherwise an automatic 0 is given.  (This applies to S.A.’s as well.  You are responsible for missed work.)
    4. Incomplete assignments will be given a lower percentage grade.
    5. Students are expected to:

    *****Responsible: Be on time to class, in your seat, prepared for class with a writing instrument, paper, notebook and class book (and possibly dictionary).  Go to the bathroom on your break.

    *****Respectful:  Treat others as you would like to be treated. Do not disrupt the teacher and/or fellow classmates (Remember this is a learning environment.)

    *****Ready: Come with a mind and attitude open to all cultures and a willingness to work hard.

     EVALUATION: Students will be evaluated thusly:


    1. 6 Weeks Exam / Benchmark                                                                        10%
    2. 12 Weeks Exam / Benchmark             10%
    3. Tests (formal) 35%
    4. Written Evaluations/Grammar Tests/cultural tests
    5. Oral tests
    6. Reading & Translation Assignments (various books)            
    7. Projects (grammar related and geography based)                                                
    8. Daily grades (informal)             20%
    9. Culture & Daily tongue twisters or sayings (write daily)                        
    10. Culture Book (must stay in the class)            
    11. Homework (practice something nightly); Duolingo
    12. Class work ((keep a separate notebook for Spanish)
    13. Class participation, Págame (point system), no cell phones in class! (minus points)
    14. Quizzes 25%
    15. Written quizzes: announced or unannounced (almost every week)
    16. Oral quizzes: announced or unannounced

     *****ANY STUDENT WHO USES AN ONLINE TRANSLATOR FOR WORD FOR WORD TRANSLATION WILL RECEIVE AN AUTOMATIC ZERO! PLEASE AGREE BY SIGNING BELOW &… As reaching parents by phone during the day is often difficult, please provide an email address and cell phone that allows for more suitable dialogue about your child’s progress in my class if it convenient for you (on back):


    Print student’s name here:  ____________________________________Class Block:  ____________

    Student’s Signature: ________________________________________   Date: _________________



    Señora Ferguson

    In addition to the school discipline policy outlined in the student handbook the following classroom discipline should be noted:


    1. excessive or inappropriate talking (NO CELL PHONES)
    2. disruption of class with minor infractions (making noise, answering out of turn, bothering others, using a cell phone or other electronic devise, etc…)
    3. rude or disrespectful behavior, language, or attitude towards the teacher, other students, or substitute, using a cell phone
    4. using any electronic devices in class (for example: Mp3 players, cells phones, ear buds, iPods, calculators, GPS’s, calculators, etc.!) [except with a doctor’s note or when it’s for a class activity]
    5. translation websites, electronic devises, etc. (google translate, etc)

    Violation                                                                                          Teacher Action        

    1st Offense                                                                              Verbal Warning &/or moving seat &/or “think sheet” &/or letter in Spanish to Sra. Ferguson


    2nd Offense                                                                            Verbal warning along with a                                                                                                                                    short teacher/student                                                                                                                                             conference. 


    3rd Offense                                                                              Call, text, letter, or e-mail to parent/guardian.  Student will remain after school with teacher for 30 minutes within 3 days of the offense.  If the student chooses not to stay, the student will be written up. Possible lunch detention.


    4th Offense                                                                             Student sent to office for                                                                                                                                          whatever punishment deemed                                                                                                                                  necessary.  [See handbook.]

    *Any of these steps may be skipped depending on the severity of the infraction.


                This is very important to a good grade.  You need to be present to learn as much as possible.  We have an exam exemption policy at CGHS that will reward your good attendance:

    All students meeting the following requirements may exempt final exams (which are 20% of total grade):

    • Not on the final unclear list (the Spanish textbook applies here)
    • No ISS or OSS in current semester
    • Must complete the EOCT during testing window (EOCT classes only) (This one only has a final.)
    • 18 week average is 80 or above
    • 3 or less absences (&…3 tardies to class = 1 absence)

    Dear Parents/Guardians,

    I would like to show a film to my classes.  The school owns the movies, Valentin, Coco,& Selena (rated PG-13, PG, & PG).  These are appropriate to our standards of:  media in the foreign language world, traditions, grammar, Spanish technology, and others.  I hope to show a film in class, since they relate to the Spanish world.  Each film is based on a youth and their family.  Each have won awards and meets several Spanish standards. Please allow your child to watch and learn in my class by signing below:


    Parent’s Name (print & signature):                                                                                                        


    Parent’s Email:                                                                               ____________

                                                                                                                          Thank you!!!!   Sincerely,

    Parent’s cell phone:  _________________________________________________Carol S. Ferguson