Algebra 2 Syllabus 

    Algebra 2  4th Block

    Mrs. Todd    ltodd@gcbe.org         

         Semester Average                                      Overall Average

    Daily                     20%                          Semester Average       80%

    Quizzes or tasks        25%                          Final Exam               20%

    Tests or projects       45%

    6 week benchmark       5%

    12 week benchmark      5%




    What you can expect

    This is a one semester class.  We will be moving at a quicker pace than you may be used to.  You will need to be proactive in keeping up with your assignments, grades, and progress.  Do NOT wait until you are so far behind that it will be difficult (or impossible!!!) to catch up.  If you feel you need extra help, COME TO TUTORING!!!  Quizzes will be given approximately once a week. Some will be announced, some not.  All in-class work, homework, and some tasks will be counted towards your daily grade. Tests will be given after each unit and there will be 6 and 12 week benchmarks exams as well.  A final will be given at the end of the semester. 


    Required Materials

    • $4 math fee to cover the cost of batteries, colored paper, calculators, and other supplies.
    • Pencils/Erasers
    • Notebook Paper
      • 3 Ring Binder with 4 sections:
        • Warm Ups
        • Notes
        • Assignments
        • Quizzes


    Exemption Policy

    A student may exempt the final by meeting the following requirements:

    • Not on the unclear list at the end of the semester
    • No ISS or OSS for the semester
    • 18 week average is an 80 or above
    • 3 or less class absences (3 tardies = 1 absence)
    • Paid math fee



    Homework will be assigned as needed and will be due the following day. Students with incomplete or missing assignments will be required to attend tutoring until assignments are complete.


    Absences and Makeup Work

    It is your responsibility to get make-up work when you are absent. If you are absent on the day of a quiz or a test you will take the quiz/test on the date of your return. If you have Zeros in the gradebook, you will be required to stay for tutorials to do make up work.


    Contact Information

    Please join Remind 101 by texting @f6k6e4c to 81010.  You will be able to send me messages through this if you need to.  You can also email me at ltodd@gcbe.org.


    Algebra 2 Tutoring Schedule

    Mandatory tutoring is assigned every Tuesday and Thursday during the first 30 minutes of lunch (11:30-12:00). Students that are failing or have missing assignments are required to attend. Voluntary tutoring is also available at this time.  You may also come during this time if you have questions about missing assignments, grades, etc.



    • Be prepared for class-be at your seat with the needed materials for class when the bell stops ringing.
    • Be respectful of your teacher, the classroom, your classmates, yourself.
      • This means following directions the first time I ask you.
    • Take care of school property, equipment, etc… in the classroom. Clean up after yourself.
    • Throwing away trash, talking, or other interruptions should not be done during instruction time. Also no passes out during instruction time.
    • Stay on task and use the appropriate voice level. Do not interrupt the teacher, or other students if they are speaking or presenting.
    • Students will remain in their seats until dismissal bell.
    • Follow all school-wide rules and procedures.

    *Consequences will depend on offense and range from warning to discipline referral.

    Other Important Matters

    • A pass must be used to leave the room. DO NOT leave the room without a pass!!!  Also, no passes will be given during instruction time.
    • .Please do not go behind my desk. Also the computer at my desk is off-limit to students.
    • Food, gum, and drinks Food or drinks will be allowed in my classroom as long as they are not a                distraction (no sharing during instruction or work time!!) and you clean up after yourself.  Gum is allowed as long as it does not cause a disturbance
    • Cell phones must be put away before the bell rings. If you have it out, you will be told to put it up using the 4 questions.  If you are a repeat offender, you will be written up.   
    • No sleeping in class!!