CFA Leader Academy

Chick-fil-a Leader Academy

  • Chick-fil-A Leader Academy™ is a national high school leadership program focused on IMPACT THROUGH ACTION. The world needs more leaders who impact their local communities, and we believe high school students are the answer!

    Students are selected by their schools to participate in Chick-fil-A Leader Academy, which is organized by an educator at the school and sponsored by a local Chick-fil-A Restaurant Operator. The seven-month program focuses on making an impact through action and training leaders within local communities.

    Each September, students kick off the program by engaging in a service project and throughout the school year take part in weekly “Leader Labs,” where they are guided through an interactive curriculum covering topics like vision, values, servant leadership and features positive stories of impact meant to spark creativity and motivation. Over the course of the program, they will put what they learn into action by completing three service projects benefiting our local community.

    The program’s midpoint is marked by “Do Good December,” where students apply what they’ve learned by planning and implementing a service project for community members in need. Not only do the students become more aware of problems their local communities may be facing, but they are also given the opportunity to actively be a part of a solution. In the spring, the program comes to an end with students leading their own Impact Projects.

    The program is fully funded through generous sponsorships from our Chick-fil-A restaurant Operator, Chick-fil-A, Inc., and Coca-Cola.  Chick-fil-A Operators often serve as business coaches to the students involved as they implement their service projects to better their communities.