Social Security Recipient Verification

  • Students and their families may submit Form SSA-1372-BK to Dr. Clance for verification of school enrollment.

    The SSA-1372-BK serves as the primary form for developing a student's full-time attendance (FTA) at an eligible institution (EI) and for verifying the student's continuing FTA. An SSA-1372-BK is sent to each child beneficiary 3 months before he or she attains age 18. It explains the conditions under which benefits can continue after age 18 and what he or she must do to pursue his or her claim for benefits as a student or disabled child.

    It is the student's responsibility to:

    • complete the Student’s Statement Regarding School Attendance portion of Form SSA-1372-BK; or if attending school outside of the United States, complete Form SSA-1372-BK-FC.
    • have a school official complete the Certification By School Official portion of page 3 of the form; and
    • give the Notice of Cessation of Full-Time School Attendance (page 4 of the form) to a school official for return to SSA if the student ceases to be in FTA.

    Failure to submit a completed SSA-1372-BK, or its equivalent, is considered failure to establish FTA at an EI.



    Social Security Program Operations Manual System

    Form SSA-1373-BK