• Counseling

    Stephanie Caudell, Counselor 11th & 12th

     706-602-0320, ext. 3011  Email: scaudell@gcbe.org
    Judy Craig, Graduation Coach  706-602-0320, ext. 3008  Email: jcraig@gcbe.org
    Kristie Wilson, Registrar  706-602-0320, ext. 3016  Email: kwilson@gcbe.org
    Amanda Farmer, Counseling Secretary

    706-602-0320, ext 3001

     Email: afarmer@gcbe.org

    FAX Records Request: 706-879-5155

    Haylee Fowler Counselor 9th & 10th 706-602-0320, ext 3036  Email: hfowler@gcbe.org
    Kimberly Cantrell, Family Advocate   706-602-0320, ext. 2305 Email: kcantrell@gcbe.org


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    Sonoraville High School Counseling:

    Ms. Stephanie Caudell

    School Counselor 11th & 12th Grades

    Ms. Haylee Fowler

    School Counselor 9th & 10th Grades

    Ms. Judy Craig

    Graduation Coach 

    Office Hours: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

    706.602.0320 Phone

    706.879.5155 Fax 

    SHS School Code: 110561



    School Counseling Program Beliefs 

    Gordon County Schools:

    We believe effective school counseling programs:

    · teach life skills

    · are for all students

    · are proactive and preventative

    · are competency based and goal oriented

    · provide a safe place for problem solving

    · help students develop into successful adults

    · are an integral part of a total school program

    · understand and value the students’ capabilities

    · facilitate and support the reciprocal integration of curriculum

    · include career, academic, personal and social issues and are age appropriate in nature

    · promote a healthy school culture which is supportive and collaborative among all stakeholders



    Classroom Guidance
    The foundation for the instruction of life skills meets the American School Counselor Association national model in the domains of:
    Academic Achievement
    Career Exploration
    Personal/Social Growth

    Student Advisement
    All students receive consultation regarding graduation requirements and post secondary planning from their academic advisors.  This process is led by the school counselors. We believe that every student deserves the opportunity to prepare for life after high school, which includes the opportunity to participate in rigorous and academically challenging courses and programs and access to college or some other form of postsecondary education upon graduation. Education is essential in today’s world, and we want our students to have the best life has to offer. The following are some ideas we want our students to learn and assimilate into their regular high school program of study:

    • There are many different types of colleges and postsecondary educational opportunities. 
    • Education and training are essential for career success. 
    • The choices that students make in middle and high school will affect what choices they will have when they graduate. 
    • It is important to begin planning for one's college and career as early as possible. 
    • The involvement of family and/or supporting adults is part of academic planning and future success.
    • And, last but certainly not least, education pays.

    Parent Consultation

    Counselors are available by appointment to assist parents with concerns regarding their students. Please call 706.602.0320 to schedule an appointment with your child's counselor. Coach Caudell serves 11th & 12th grades, Ms. Powers serves 9th & 10th grades.  

    Responsive Services

    Counselors respond to the needs of students, staff and community in times of crisis.

    Individual Counseling 

    Personal, social and academic counseling are available during the school day. It should be noted that individual counseling is not therapeutic in nature, as it is beyond the role of the school counselor to conduct in-depth, on-going individual sessions. Sessions are kept confidential except when students disclose that they are being hurt, are hurting someone else, or want to hurt themselves.