School Governance Team

Current SGT Members

  • Belinda Smith 

    Representaive from School Advisory Committee 

     Jason Etheridge 

    Building Level Member 

    Kim Backline

    Parent/ Community Member 

    Nathan Wyatt

    Parent/ Community Member 

    Randy Wheat 

    Parent/ Community Member 

    Shelley Allen 


    Tammy Bennett

    Bulding Level Member 

    Tiffany Hubbard 

    Building Level Member 

    Chris Pierce 

    Business Representative: President 

How to become a SGT Member

  • The SGT will be composed of a minimum of 6 members and a maximum of 9
    members to serve on 3-5 year terms. The principal will serve as the chair of
    the SGT.

    Elected parent representatives may be employees of the school district as long as they
    are not employed at this school.

    No parent or teacher may serve on multiple School-Based Governance Teams. If
    there are not enough parents or community representatives who wish to serve, then
    the principal may designate a representative to serve on the council in that place.


    2 Parents (non-staff members) Voted on by parents
    2 Business/Community Reps. Selected by SGT
    2-4 Teachers (Principal may appoint 1) Staff
    1 Principal of School Chair first 2 years, then Chair may be
    elected by the SGT.