Gordon County Schools: A Ford Next Generation Learning Community

Ford NGL Designation Ceremony

Gordon County Ford NGL Designation Ceremony

Community Leaders at Reception for Ford NGL National Representatives Prior to Designation

Community Reception for Ford NGL National Designation

Georgia Delegation with Ford NGL National Team Members in Dearborn, MI

Georgia Representatives at Ford NGL National Conference
  • In 2015, Gordon County Schools embarked upon an endeavor to bring all of its stakeholders together to develop a strategic plan for the advancement of the school district.  Under the direction of the Ford Next Generation Learning Framework, 60+ members of the community, including business, civic, and community leaders, as well as K12 and post-secondary educators, worked to develop the Ford NGL Master Plan.  With the completion of this process, Gordon County Schools became one of only 20 districts nation-wide to join the Ford NGL Network, and the only district to implement the initiative district-wide, grade PK-12.  

    In the Preface to the plan, the leaders of this initiative describe the process and the impact on the community:

    Gordon County’s local community leaders, our educators, our parents, our students, and our elected officials believe that the education of our youth is the foundation of success for our community and its economic development.

    Throughout this process, we have had the opportunity as a cohesive, inclusive group of stakeholders, to take a candid look at our successes and areas for improvement. Throughout this process, we have strengthened partnerships and mapped out a plan for continued improvement and sustainability of success for our entire district, PreK-12th grade.

    Following, the reader will find a five-year master plan outlining how the outcomes of this process will be used to continue the tradition of excellence in our district and to implement a plan of improvement for designated areas of need. This plan reflects the significant investment demonstrated by prominent members of our community to ensure its success. It also provides valuable information on our efforts and accomplishments to date. The district goals utilized in guiding the work of the team focus on ensuring a viable workforce for our community and high-wage jobs for our graduates and are included in detail in the pages to follow.

    Excellence in education and the positive impact that excellence provides are something our community values, regardless of roles, experiences, and backgrounds. Whether it is as teachers in the classroom, administrators in the schools, business leaders in the workplace, volunteers in community organizations, or parents and family members of students, we all are committed to providing our students with an environment in which they can learn, grow, and thrive. Our students are the workforce and leaders of the future, and they will help today’s businesses meet the demands of the ever-expanding global marketplace.

    When it comes to providing our students with quality education, we have accomplished much as a community. It has been a journey of growth, opportunities, challenges, and successes. By working together as a Next Generation Learning Community, we can achieve even greater accomplishments as we move forward in that journey in the years ahead.

    Jeff Gazaway and Dr. Amy Parker
    Community Coordinators