Mr. Chris Carpenter

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Mr. Chris Carpenter

 I am currently teaching STEM TEchnology program at the middle school level. I have been an exploratory teacher in technology and Career’s for 30 years. For those 30 years I have seen many changes in technology in the classroom. Keeping up with these changes has been a challenge. My curriculum is changing into more Career based standards that require even more technology changes. I also see a change in student learning styles and their growing need for technology based lessons in the classroom. All students should have basic technology knowledge to have a successful career.  The evolution of technology into our daily lives has brought changes not just to the information we teach and teach with, but also the way we need to teach to reach our students. I am a father of three, one of which is a middle school student. As any father, I want the best for my children’s education. I would like to know that I am the kind of teacher I would want for my children. I want to know that I can use the technology tools and new ideas in a way that would inspire students to want to learn. I want to keep up.  

         I have been very blessed in my career as a technology teacher. I was GITEA Middle School Teacher of the year in 2000. I have presented TV, and radio stations in the classroom at the ITEA conference. For several years I help train students and teacher about TV production through our teacher organization. We help Georgia Public TV produce the state playoff football games at the Georgia Dome. Our school and our system embrace technology. We have been blessed with Smart Boards, Airliners, projectors, document cameras, school ran video broadcast, school ran radio station, and many assistive programs.

           I am also serving as the Area 1 Chair person of the Georgia Engineering and Technology Education Association. I hope my work and effort in this position will do much in improving Engineering and Technology Education in Georgia. We as a group meet and discuss the needs for middle and high school students through out the state.

The Georgia Engineering and Technology Education Association (GETEA) is the Georgia professional organization for Engineering and Technology Education teachers. The primary objectives of this organization as stated in the GETEA By Laws are:


  1. To devise, define, and promote the professional ideas of engineering & technology education as general education.


  1. To assist the teacher of engineering & technology education in making professional advancements by means of further education and the mutual exchange of ideas.


  1.  To educate the public concerning the necessity and importance of engineering & technology education and its relevance to the ever-growing technological society in which we live.

       Outside of teaching I am a professional cowboy. I have been involved in rodeo all of my life. I was in rodeo all thru my high school and was 3 times champion of my event. I then went to college in Texas on a rodeo scholarship. I have produced my hometown rodeo for 10 years and use a great deal of technology with it. Like producing our own posters, TV and radio adds I look forward to learn new ideas to bring back to my class room and real world activities.