• List of Clubs

    • FCA
    • History Club
    • National Honor Society
    • Library Advisory Group (TOME Society)
    • Student Government Association
    • Yearbook
    • SkillsUSA
    • FFA
    • Performing Arts (Chorale, International Thespian Society, One Act, Tonal Combustion, Tri-M)
    • Spanish Honors Society
    • Pep Club
    • Sources of Strength
    • Video Production


    A variety of clubs and extracurricular activities are available to students who wish to participate in activities outside the academic arena.  Participation in these activities is encouraged for all students.  Students should feel a sense of pride and identity with Gordon Central.  In many instances, an effective way to accomplish this feeling of ownership is through extracurricular participation and service to your school or community.

    Student Organizations (Descriptor Code JHC)

    Each school principal shall implement procedures to notify annually all parents or guardians of all school-sponsored extracurricular activities, organizations and clubs in which students may participate and of the right of the parent or guardian to prohibit their child's participation. Notification to parents and guardians shall be provided annually via the school's website, parent handbook, and/or student handbook and shall include the name of the extracurricular activity, student organization or club; and information regarding the purpose, activities or national affiliation of the extracurricular activity, organization or club. Any membership or financial requirements for a student to join or become a member of the activity, organization or club shall be included in the information provided.

    No student shall be allowed to participate in any school-sponsored extracurricular activity, organization, or club if the student's parent or legal guardian has indicated in writing that the parent will not allow the student to participate and has provided a copy of such written notice to the school principal prior to the student joining the activity, organization or club.  Gordon Central offers a variety of clubs/groups and honor societies. 

    Formation of a Club

    Students wishing to form a new club or organization must obtain an application from the Discipline Office. All club meeting schedules must be approved by the principal.