• As our biggest contributer, Mohawk Industries has provided numerous resources for students of the College and Career Academy.  One such resource is the availability of registered appreticships and pre-apprenticeships available to students.  

    In the program, apprentices are paid by Mohawk for work done at the company, but are also compensated for time spent in the classroom. Mohawk also covers students' tuition costs when scholarships aren't available.

    The apprenticeship program combines classroom learning at a state technical school with hands-on work at a Mohawk plant, resulting in a potentially years-long program in which participants learn skills necessary to work high-tech floor making machines.

    Linda McEntire, director of technical training at Mohawk, said the apprenticeship program isn't the same as an internship program.

    "Typically, an internship program is a short-term learning experience that complements an individual's academic pursuits, while an apprenticeship program provides career advancement opportunities for individuals who are already employed at the company," she said.

    Upon completing the apprenticeship program, participants can either receive an apprenticeship certification or finish additional course work and complete an associate's degree in mechatronics.

    "At Mohawk, we use cutting-edge technology to create innovative products," said McEntire. "This advanced equipment requires specialized training to master."

    She said the company is looking for "bright, engaged and creative employees to implement and maintain these technological investments."

    The apprenticeship program is designed to develop workers for Mohawk, while providing the same workers with career experience and opportunities to advance internally.

    David Salazar, a current apprentice at Mohawk, said he "would definitely encourage others to take advantage of this opportunity."