Degrees and Certifications:

B.S. Mathematics UGA B.S. Math Education UGA

Mr. Greg Bailey

I was born at Gordon Hospital and am a product of the Gordon County school system. I am an Gordon Central Alumni from the class of 2006. My college career has been spent between two schools so far. While at Lee University I learned a lot about community and cultures while on campus and subsequently during a semester abroad. Having transfered to UGA, I focused on academics more heavily and recived a B.S. in Mathematics as well as a B.S. in Math Education. I have been teaching at Gordon Central since January of 2015, and I love the opportunity to give back to this community. While at Gordon Central, I have taught Algebra 2 (Hn) and a lot of Pre-Calculus (Hn).

I'm excited for the opportunity to teach Geometry this year, because of my affinity for visual representations and the trigonometric connections that segway into topics for my Pre-Calc. classes.