• Mr. Skiffen's American Government class took a break from politics for a day to talk about the history of Veterans Day. Since Veterans Day comes from Armistice Day, the day when World War I ended, the class participated in a World War I battlefield simulation showing trench warfare. Afterward, Mr. Skiffen took a serious moment to assignment one piece of homework to his students... to go home and thank a veteran for their service to our country.Mr. Skiffen's Class

  • Mrs. Ashli Hall's AP Geography Class is currently working on a unit about population. The students have worked on constructing their own population pyramids for various countries. The students pictured are analyzing the data on the pyramids and making predictions about the future population trends for those countries. The class will use what they have learned to analyze growth patterns all over the globe and study what factors have led to these patterns. 

     Students at work Students at work

  • Gordon Central's Sources of Strength program joined in with area high schools on Tuesday for team building and training.  Sources of Strength believes that we can help when we see friends, family, or others stuck in unhealthy or even life threatening situations.  SOS SOS

  • Students in Mrs. Sullivan's 9th Honors ELA created various projects showing their understanding of their Call to Adventure Unit.  Student's created board games/Jeopardy games, maps, and 3D models. 

    Students Create Projects Students Create Projects