A21: The Academy of Science and Design

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  • The world is changing. Many skills important today will be less important in ten years. Some of the jobs of today will disappear, but new ones will emerge. We want the A21 Academy for Science and Design to be a place where students can develop the skills and knowledge required to respond to a changing world. The A21 Academy, designed with the input of local experts and industry, will help our students to be the design leaders and change-makers of tomorrow. A21 students will develop and hone a range of skills, including complex problem-solving and creative and critical thinking for real life scenarios.

    During their freshman year, students will earn physics credit through project-based learning, while learning how physics applies to their CCA CTAE course. Additionally, students will receive a bonus English credit, as we prepare students to pass entrance exams to complete dual enrollment courses later in their high school careers.

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