• ASHWORTH MIDDLE - Virtual At-Home Learning-Apex


    Please review this document with your child and watch the video (in full) that is linked below.


    • As explained when you picked up your students iPad, the Virtual At-Home Learning (VAL) is a self-paced, self-guided program that requires a great deal of commitment. With that commitment comes daily responsibilities.  Students should create a daily schedule that resembles a normal school day with a plan to work on each class for a set amount of time.   Even though students are working from home, it would be best for them to stick to a normal school day schedule, if possible.


    • Students SHOULD NOT take days off! There are due dates provided to make sure students finish on time.  There WILL BE daily assignments and the key to success is staying up to date.  Please note that the due dates ONLY reflect the graded assignments.


    • The platform students will be using is called Apex Learning. To begin working, students will need to know the following information:


    Website: apexvs.com

    Username:  The username is first name, middle initial, last name.  An example of

                          a username is SallyJSmith.  Please notice that it is all one word. 


    Password:  The first time a student logs into Apex Learning, they will use the password

                        AMS2020.  They will then be prompted to change their password.  The new

                        password will need to have at least 8 characters including a letter, a number, and a

                        symbol such as @.  They will also be prompted to answer security questions.


    • It is best to use GOOGLE Chrome to access the Apex website. If the student does not have Google Chrome installed on their iPad, they can go to Zulu desk on their iPad and download Google Chrome.  Certain Apex features work better on the Google Chrome platform.


    • Please click here for a video guide that will help students navigate the Apex Learning platform. This video will explain how to use Apex correctly and how to submit teacher graded assignments.  One thing NOT noted in the video is that teacher graded assignments need to be completed on paper OR can be completed on a document in the iPad.  If the student completes their assignment on paper, they will need to take a picture of the assignment (using their iPad) so they can upload it into the Apex messaging system.  If the student must take multiple pictures of the assignment, EACH PICTURE must be sent separately in the VAL messaging center as the ability to upload multiple picture in one message is not available.  The video explains how to send assignments to the correct teacher.


    • It is VERY important that students navigate through the ENTIRE lesson for each unit instead of skipping to graded assignments and quizzes. The lessons obtain the content necessary to achieve success on graded activities and assessments.


    • To find a complete list of ALL graded activities, the student can go to their dashboard and can click on the grade (or dash) under “grade to date” for each subject. Students can also access a calendar on the dashboard.  Please note that the calendar ONLY reflects due dates for graded assignments.  IT DOES NOT provide pacing for the lessons prior to the graded assignments. 




    • Quizzes and Tests: Students are provided multiple opportunities to pass quizzes and tests. For a quiz, the student will have 3 attempts to score a 65 or above.  If they do not achieve that score by the 3rd attempt, the Apex system will lock that quiz and the RBMS Virtual Facilitator will be prompted to unlock that quiz for one more attempt.  Students are allowed 3 attempts on tests.


    • Students DO NOT need to proceed to quizzes or tests prior to completing and turning in teacher graded assignments. If a student does so and then is locked into a quiz due to 3 failed attempts, the RBMS facilitator WILL NOT unlock the quiz until the missing assignments are turned in.


    • Please refer to the Announcement Section (on the student dashboard) in the Apex system for daily announcements. Helpful tips on how to navigate the program will be posted as needed. If your child is new to Apex and has not reviewed the announcements, please make sure you do that prior to starting Apex lessons.


    • Students will be responsible for submitting their own virtual daily attendance. This will be done through the Check-Ins section found in the Campus Student app.  Campus Student has already been loaded onto the county issued iPads.  Students using their own technology must download the Campus Student app.  Attendance must be submitted each school day between the hours of 8:30 AM and 6:00 PM.  Please refer to the VAL Attendance page on the RBMS website for instructions.


    • Danny Lowrance is the VAL Monitor at Ashworth Middle School. You may contact him at 706-625-9545, ext. 4306 or dlowrance@gcbe.org.