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    Phoenix Fire READ  Week: 

    Mission One: On your iPad install the following apps

    1. Sora by OverDrive

    2. Access My Library

    3. Newsela

    Mission Two: Open Sora by OverDrive App. Sign in and find a book by Shakespeare. Then check out it out and read the Prologue. 

    Mission Three: Open Access My Library. Sign in and Add Sonoraville High School. Open Databases at bottom --Student Resources in Context Gale & Virtual Reference Library.  Notice Sign in Options (Google or Microsoft).  How can you use these databases?

    Mission Four: Open Safari. Go to SHS.gcbe.org. Open Library Media Center--Building One. Search is for Print books available in this library. Notice SHS Digital Resources & Research Databases (Bookmark for at home access). Please contact the SHS Library Media Staff (cavery@gcbe.org or ccornelius@gcbe.org) for home access passwords. 

    Mission Five:  Go to SHS.gcbe.org. Under Highlights select Student/ Parent 1:1 iPad Information. Scroll down to iPad Three Tasks Video.  Complete Task One & Task Two if you have not already done so. Don’t  complete Task Three (update) until after your final mission. 

    Mission Six:  Coding:  Google Doodle-- 50 Years of Coding Activity 

    Keep track of your completed Missions:  Completed Missions Form (Save a copy in Google Sheets and then initial as you complete the Missions)