• RELEASE: Lt. Gov. Cagle Applauds State BOE Action on Gordon County Charter System Renewal

     Lt. Gov. Cagle Applauds State BOE Action on Gordon County Charter System Renewal

    (ATLANTA)- On June 9, 2016, Gordon County School’s charter was renewed for a ten year term by the State Board of Education. This action will allow Gordon County Schools to expand on the initiatives already in place as they continue to institute changes proven to increase student achievement. Charter Systems have been instrumental in advancing innovative polices to realize new educational opportunities in Gordon County.

    “Gordon County Schools have made tremendous strides in student achievement and performance since becoming a Charter System,” said Lt. Gov. Cagle. “I’m thrilled that the State Board of Education saw fit to extend their charter, allowing Gordon County to build on the foundation they already have in place. This is a great day for their community as they continue to incorporate innovative education policies that will benefit students, teachers and parents for years to come.”

    As a part of the charter renewal, Gordon County Schools will begin implementation of “one on one” technology for students to diversify use of instructional methods and learning options.  Additionally, they will look at creating small learning communities within middle and high schools to allow for career-themed collaboration among peer groups with similar interests.  They will also utilize trainers from industry and business partners to provide instruction for teachers and students.

    The district’s mission is to “provide a relevant, rigorous, results-based education made possible through nurturing relationships.”

    Charter systems have proven effective in addressing the specific and unique needs of individual school systems, embarking on new relationships between each board of education and their communities. Lt. Gov. Cagle has been steadfast in his commitment to embracing new education models where the school becomes an epicenter for community involvement, leading to greater levels of student achievement by increasing pathways to career success.