• For a list of available positions and to complete an online application for positions including CERTIFIED EDUCATOR, CLERICAL, and BUS DRIVER positions visit: 

    GCS TalentEd

    Gordon County Schools uses TalentEd, a paperless, on-line application process for prospective employees. This system allows applicants to complete both classified and certified applications for multiple job categories in one process.  Appropriate electronic files must be attached to the online application, as requested in each job posting. Other electronic files may be attached as preferred. 

    SCHOOL NURSES are now employees of AdventHealth Gordon.  Click here to apply for a SCHOOL NURSE position. 

    To apply for a LUNCHROOM, CUSTODIAN, BUS AIDE, PARAPROFESSIONAL or AFTER SCHOOL ASSISTANT positions with Gordon County Schools, please contact:

    Qualified Staffing at 706.624.0086 or at 265 C Hwy 53, Calhoun, Georgia. 

    Visit our website at: q-staffing.com  

    To apply for substitute teaching or substitute support staff positions at Gordon County Schools, please contact the local Kelly Educational Staffing branch office at 706-235-0055 or 214X@kellyservices.com

    "Kelly Educational Staffing (KES®) is dedicated to helping districts save money and operate at peak capacity by fulfilling all staffing needs.  As a complete education staffing solution, we manage substitute teachers as well as non-instructional staff such as custodians, cafeteria workers, administrative assistants, school nurses, and more.  Launched in 1997, KES partners with 7,050+ public and private schools across 35 states and have 100% success improving substitute placement rates in all our partner districts. More than 2.2 million classrooms are filled by a KES substitute teacher each year.  For more information, please visit www.kellyeducationalstaffing.com." 

  • Documentation Needed


    • A copy of your college transcript (unofficial copies are acceptable for application purposes; however, official transcripts are mandatory for employment).
    • A copy of your educator certificate(s), if applicable.
    • A copy of any state required educator certification test scores.


    As a minimum, paraprofessional applicants must hold an Associate degree or 60 semester/90 quarter hours from an accredited college or pass the paraprofessional GACE. Photocopies may be used when submitting the application; however, official transcripts are mandatory before an employment recommendation can be submitted.

    Prior to completing your online application, please review the following information:

    • An email address is required and will be used to communicate with you. Be sure to use your full Internet email address, for example: john@gmail.com.
    • Your password prevents others from viewing your application. Choose any password you would like. By assigning your application a password you will be able to stop and continue the application process at any step. You can return to complete an application later by clicking 'Continue/modify my application for employment' and then entering your email address and password.
    • If you have completed an application for another employer that uses the TalentEdsystem, you will be given the chance to import your application data once you start your application.
    • The application consists of multiple parts and will take approximately 30 - 60 minutes to complete. You can stop at any time, without losing any work. You do not have to complete all the steps in a single session.
    • Your application will be considered "in process" until you complete it. The GCS Department of Human Resources will have the ability to view it, throughout the process.
    • All fields marked with the red asterisk are required.
    • Do not type in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS