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    The History of the Phrase- Going the Second Mile

    To better explain the concept of going the 2nd Mile, the text below is borrowed from Dr. O.S. Hawkins:

    The phrase “going the second mile” has found its way into our modern vernacular. Its roots are found all the way back in first-century Palestine. The Romans had conquered most of the Mediterranean world. One of the marvels of their conquest was a vast system of super highways that they had built for travel to and from their conquered territories. There were more than fifty thousand miles of these Roman roads throughout the Empire. At each single mile was a stone marker. These mile markers pointed directions, determined the distance to the next town as well as to Rome itself, and warned of dangers that might lie ahead. Hence the common phrase “All roads lead to Rome.”

    By law, a Roman citizen or soldier could compel a subject from one of the conquered lands to carry his backpack, or load, for him for one mile, but one mile only. As Jesus was preaching His Sermon on the Mount, he said, “Whoever compels you to go one mile, go with him two.”

    • What is it that separates some from others in athletics or education or business or the arts, or in any endeavor? It is their drive to do more than is expected or required.
    • When focusing on the second mile, many forget there are two miles in play here. The first is a mandated mile; the second is a “miracle mile”.
    • This first mile is often ignored. The first mile is required of us. The first mile is always the hardest. Ask the distance runner. The second wind never kicks in on the first mile. 
    • It is this miracle mile that separates certain individuals from others. The second mile is only made possible by being obedient to the first mile. 
    • Someone who journeys on the miracle mile also has a way of lightening the load of those around them. One cannot travel the second mile without influencing others. It only takes one second miler in a home to change the entire environment. It only takes one second miler on a team or in the office to do the same.

    Complaining about the first mile is not where greatness occurs.  Even completing the first mile does not demonstrate focus on a desire to make a difference.  It is the 2nd mile that makes a difference in a student’s life.  It is the 2nd mile that wins championships.  It is the 2nd mile that makes others stand up and take notice.  Will you be the 2nd miler?

    Throughout the school year, you will see #GCS2ndMile on many of our social media posts and district correspondence.  If you see other instances of Gordon County Schools’ faculty, staff, and students demonstrating the 2nd mile, help us track it by tagging it with #GCS2ndMile.  Let others know that Gordon County Schools is always focused on excellence and achieving what can only be accomplished by going the 2nd mile.


  • Recipients will be awarded in the following areas:

    August- TRANSPORTATION (technicians, drivers, support staff); NOMINATIONS DUE SEPTEMBER 5; to be recognized at September BOE meeting

    September- SUPPORT PERSONNEL (administrative assistants/secretaries, bookkeepers, technical support, instructional technology, instructional coaches, and other district support personnel; NOMINATIONS DUE OCTOBER 2 (due to Fall Break); to be recognized at October BOE meeting

    October- NUTRITION (cafeteria workers, managers, cashiers, support personnel); NOMINATIONS DUE NOVEMBER 5; To be recognized at November BOE meeting

    November- SERVICE EMPLOYEES (facilities, maintenance, custodial); NOMINATIONS DUE DECEMBER 5; to be recognized at December BOE meeting

    December- STUDENT SERVICE EMPLOYEES (Media Specialists, Counselors, Social Workers, Therapists, ESS Support Staff, Psychologists, Family Engagement, Interventionists, Speech Pathologists, Graduation Coaches); NOMINATIONS DUE JANUARY 5; to be recognized at January BOE meeting.

    January- PARAPROFESSIONALS (elementary, ESS, special assignment paras); NOMINATIONS DUE FEBRUARY 5; to be recognized at February BOE meeting

    February- LEADERSHIP (assistant principals, principals, district office administrators/directors); NOMINATIONS DUE MARCH 5; to be recognized at March BOE meeting

    March-April will be when the TEACHER OF THE YEAR process is conducted at each school.  Nominations will be sent to each school for consideration. NOMINATIONS DUE MARCH 5; Teachers of the Year will be recognized at the District TOTY banquet in April.

    April- May- VOLUNTEERS- (PTO, Local School Governance Team, parent/grandparent volunteers, business partners); NOMINATIONS DUE MAY 5; to be recognized at May BOE meeting