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SHS Teacher of the Year: Jackie Palazzolo

Sonoraville High School Teacher of the Year

Jackie Palazzolo

SHS Teacher of the Year: Jackie Palazzolo

From her nominations:

She is one of the backbones of Sonoraville High School and is involved in SO many different areas...trying to make everything the best for our students....from being an awesome educator FIRST to Blazerunners, planning events like our dances, Senior Trips (Orlando and Six Flags), co-sponsoring Spanish Honors Society, homecoming, and the list goes on and on....

Jackie Palazzolo is amazing teacher that puts her students first. She creates new ways to help each of her classes understand the material and does not use the same ole same material from year to year. When you think of SHS staff.... you think immediately of Jackie Palazzolo. Involvement + Engagement + Caring + 110% + Kids First + Knowledgeable + Trustworthy = Jackie Palazzolo

Jackie works very hard to make being a part of Sonoraville HS the best experience it can be. She not only works hard in class; she also works after school with athletics and other groups to make sure that the Phoenix Nation is taken care of. Her ideas and efforts bring another level of fun to be a part of this school. She deserves to be recognized for all of her hard work.

She is not only a fabulous teacher; she is willing to do whatever is necessary to make Sonoraville High School an outstanding school. Jackie has a heart for all students and works very hard to make their high school experience the best possible. She takes charge and handles so many things outside of her responsibilities as a teacher.