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STEAM Items Donation

Red Bud Elementary is proud to announce a new Specials class this year! Instead of Computers, all students will participate in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) once per week. This class will develop critical thinking skills for students as they ask thoughtful questions, discover answers, apply what they learn, work as a team, and problem-solve creatively.

Below is a list of household materials that we will use to create our STEAM projects. If you are willing to donate any of the items listed, you can send them with your child to the classroom at any time throughout the year. We will continue to collect these items all year long.

Thank you in advance for helping our class collect these items for STEAM! Red Bud Elementary looks forward to providing new, relevant learning opportunities for all of our students.


Items Needed:

Clorex Wipes


Plastic bottles-2 liter, 20 oz.

Bottle caps

Empty (and clean!) yogurt cups/macaroni and cheese cups

Boxes-cereal, shoe, small cardboard

Paper towel, toilet paper tubes

Scrap pieces of cloth

Paint brushes 


Craft Sticks                                              

Paper sacks

Wax paper                            


Aluminum foil                                              

Tape-Masking, clear, painters, duct

Googly eyes                         

Pool noodles


Cotton balls


Mason jars


Wrapping paper                  


Measuring cups

Scrapbooking materials                 


Art-crayons, markers, glue bottles, glue sticks

Cups-Dixie, foam, plastic

Glue gun sticks