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Alan Hughes Teacher of the Year

I would like to take a moment to talk about our 2019-2020 Teacher of the Year, Mr. Alan Hughes. Mr. Hughes taught me in 2006 when I was in high school, back when Chuck Norris jokes were first discovered on the internet. I was in his senior Economics Honors class, and I'm sure he fondly remembers me as one of the most quiet, non-talkative students he ever had. . . Let's just say he had a lot of patience for seniors, and he still does today. Mr. Hughes made economics interesting because he offered a variety of real-world examples, experiences, and asked us what our opinions were. He wanted to know why we thought the way we did, what arguments we could come up with, and how we interpret the society around us.

Most of all, he taught us that it was alright to have those opinions and that we were in a safe environment where we could share it. His instructional methods were clear, concise, and offered opportunities for us to make decisions about how we completed projects. Mr. Hughes treated us as equals; he reminded us that we were already adults and that voting was the most important way to share our ideals in the real world. I was always fascinated by the genuine discussions we had, the activities we did in teams and individually, and that he was willing to share his personality, life, and views with us--how many teachers do you know who can make their own guitars and gamemaster a DnD campaign with 5e rules? If you ever wrote a hot take on one of your essay answers, he would add awesome little artwork and quotes to show you that not only did he read your test and actually think about what you said, but he took the time to say something back.

Alan, I have told you and others this story plenty of times, but I can say with ashamed confidence that my 8 a.m. Economics 1101 course in college involved a lot of naps on my end--because you had already taught me everything that was coming out of his mouth. It was one of the easiest A's I ever made because not only did I learn in your class, I retained it and still manage to be a decent TriBond partner in that category. Just don't ask me about Reaganomics!

Congratulations to Mr. Alan Hughes for Teacher of the Year. This makes his wife Mrs. Renee Hughes and him back-to-back winners, and for good reason! You can't find a better teacher who is involved in pushing students to be successful in the classroom and beyond at the postsecondary level or in becoming involved citizens of our country. Thanks for all that you do.


Mr. Brian Hall