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Safe Place: Advocates for Children

 Advocates for Children

                                                                                        Safe Place

Safe Place is a national organization for youth under the age of 18, that are experiencing homelessness or who may be in crisis. The program is designed to provide a young person who is homeless with immediate shelter, resources, and other basic needs. You can access the Safe Place program by walking into any of our Safe Place sites located within the community. You will know that it is a Safe Place site by the large diamond shaped logo that is black and yellow. Our school is a registered Safe Place site and the counselors are aware of the program. You can also access a Safe Place location by texting the word “Safe” to the number 44357 and put in your location to find the closest site near you. This texting feature will also allow you to interact with a licensed counselor if you are in crisis. This is a helpful tool to utilize if you were to need Safe Place outside of school hours. The goal of the Safe Place program is to ensure that all young people feel safe and are educated on resources that are available to them in their community."


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