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How to Get/Pay for I-Pads (For Parents)

Our school is very excited that students are beginning to receive their school iPads. You have the opportunity to fill out the permission form and pay the insurance fee so your student can begin bringing the iPad home each night. Please note that the iPad insurance fee will cover damages to the iPad (such as a broken screen).  There are a couple of options for completing the form and paying the insurance fee:

      Option 1:

      Fill out the online form by clicking here:  I-Pad Form or Español Haga Clic Aquí

There are three ways to pay send cash, click the link below to pay online, or a check made out to GCBE sent to school with your child.

Link to Pay Online

Once we receive confirmation that your form has been submitted and receive the insurance fee, your child’s teacher will be notified that the iPad can be sent home with your child.

Option 2: 

      Come by the front office to fill out the electronic form and pay the insurance fee.