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Gordon County Schools was recently notified that the Georgia Department of Education plans to highlight the "great work of Gordon County" on Georgia's State Systemic Improvement (SSIP) Interactive Map. This tool makes resources available to systems across the state to provide infrastructure and supports for leaders, teachers, and families to meet the whole child's needs and improve outcomes for students.

The written notification delivered on August 5 to Dr. Kimberly Fraker, Gordon County Superintendent stated, "In addition to the tools that we have used through the SSIP process, we would like to share successful practices from across the state. We recognize that Gordon County has a 93.8% graduation rate for students with disabilities for the FY18 school year. We are asking that you share any initiatives/resources utilized in your [district] and the impact the resources have had on reducing dropouts and increasing graduation rates for all students, including those with disabilities."

Following the notification, Dr. Fraker offered congratulations to those involved in the success of these students, specifically those in the special education department. "Great news for Gordon County! Thank you to you Alecia and her team for all of their work in promoting success among our students with disabilities."

When asked about the team's efforts that contributed to the success of their students, Director of Special Education, Mrs. Alecia Segursky stated, "It is simple. We built relationships with our students and their families, and we didn't give up on them. We are all committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure all of our students are successful, no matter the obstacles they may face."

The resources will be available on the interactive map through the Georgia Department of Education within the coming weeks.