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CALHOUN, GA - Gordon County Schools four-year graduation rate has improved to 97% in 2021, 13.3 percentage points higher than the state of Georgia’s average score of 83.7%.

The Gordon County Schools graduation rate is an increase from 93.5% achieved by the Class of 2020, according to new reports released today from the Georgia Department of Education.

“I continue to be proud of the standard of excellence provided in the classroom by our administrators, teachers, and support staff,” stated Kimberly Fraker, Superintendent of Gordon County Schools. “As a system, we remain dedicated to providing quality instruction to all Gordon County Schools students and striving towards individualized academic progress and overall success.”

Required by federal law, Georgia calculates graduation rates based upon a four-year cohort method. Calculations are done by totaling the number of students who graduate in four years with a regular high school diploma divided by the number of students who formed the adjusted cohort for the graduating class.  

Gordon County high schools reported increased graduation rates, also topping the state average. Gordon Central High School graduated 97.6% of eligible seniors and Sonoraville High School graduated 96.6% of their seniors, a 3.5 percentage point increase from the 2020 graduation rates for both schools.  

The Gordon County Schools 2020-2025 Strategic plan serves as a road map to showcase how the system is striving toward continued improvements to academic excellence, including graduation rates. Some of the ongoing initiatives include: offering non-traditional learning experiences to high school students through the Gateway Virtual Learning Academy, providing academic support to students through the use of academic interventionists, utilizing formative assessments to monitor progress towards subject mastery, and investing in new textbooks and additional instructional resources.

To view the 2020-2025 Strategic Plan, please visit the Gordon County Schools website by visiting or by clicking here.