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At lunchtime on Tuesday, October 30, you might have heard a resounding “Crunch!” around Gordon County. That’s because students throughout Gordon County Schools joined students all over the state as they crunched into juicy, delicious Georgia-grown apples to help celebrate Georgia Apple Day 2018 and Crunch 4 Lunch – the goal was to create a “crunch heard ‘round the state,” and our students definitely contributed to the effort.

Georgia Apple Day and Crunch 4 Lunch was planned by the Georgia DOE School Nutrition Program and the Georgia Department of Agriculture to raise awareness of the wealth of apples grown in our state and the importance of eating locally grown, healthy produce. The GCS School Nutrition Office sourced apples from Mercier Orchards in Blue Ridge, and cafeteria managers built displays that showed students where their fruit originated.

Our GCS cafeteria managers and their staffs worked hard to promote Georgia Apple Day and make it a special learning experience for the students. Just a few of the fun ideas they implemented:
--Tolbert Elementary set up a taste test of different apple varieties.
--Belwood Elementary students ate their lunches and apples outside in picnic style.
--Fairmount Elementary students crunched their apples together in groups.
--Sonoraville Elementary students counted down from 10 to 0 to time their crunch perfectly.
--Red Bud Elementary students learned all kinds of apple facts (Did you know that they are 25% air and members of the rose family?) and were able to see on the Georgia map where their apples originated.
--Sonoraville High students were able to learn the names of different Georgia varieties and try some that were new to them.

From trying different apple varieties, to picnic-style outdoor lunches, to counting down to crunch time, GCS students celebrated Georgia Apple Day & Crunch 4 Lunch with energy and excitement. Thanks to all the cafeteria staff that worked to make it a special day, and thanks to all the students who participated with enthusiasm!