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Gordon County Schools’ Transportation Department recently added four replacement busses to its fleet.  However, these are not regular school busses. These new additions are quieter than their diesel-burning counterparts and run on cleaner burning, less expensive propane.  Mr. Keith Brown, Director of Transportation, along with several of his drivers, went to Macon on Saturday, October 20th and picked up the new busses that were put into service the following week.  One of the new busses was immediately placed on a temporary route for Gordon Central High School, one at Red Bud Middle School, and one spent the latter part of the week in Columbus with Sonoraville High School’s softball team as they competed for the State title.  The Board of Education was also able to experience one of the vehicles during its recent facilities visits to each of the school campuses.  

The four busses will be outfitted with two-way radios before finding their permanent routes.  “These busses will eventually be put into service in the Fairmount area, where they can be refueled in close proximity, saving the drivers time and the taxpayers in mileage for drivers to refuel each day,” said Mr. Brown.  A propane refueling station is located only four four miles from Fairmount, a considerably better scenario than the 17 mile trip to the bus shop to refuel diesel busses.  “Additionally, the V10 Ford engine has several advantages in the area of maintenance for our technicians, thus cutting our maintenance costs for these busses by half of a traditional diesel-engine bus,” continued Mr. Brown.  The public can recognize these new additions by the green “Bluebird” symbol.

Bus drivers posing with new propane busses
Drivers who picked up the new busses included: 
L-R: Rebecca Colston
Keith Brown, Director of Transportation
Donna Langston
David Buckner
Jimmy Roger
Lee Rushing
 New Propane Busses with Hoods Open