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AMS Students Research Navajo Code Talkers in Warrior Time Book Club

Students in Ms. Burnham's Warrior Time Book Club recently completed the novel Code Talker by Joseph Bruchac. As part of their activities for the book club, students kept reading journals, created a doodle book review, and researched WW2 topics related to the Navajo Code Talkers featured in the book's plot. "Our book was great!," stated 8th grader Amir Bolden. "Ms. Burnham made our book so fun by reading with us and showing us pictures and videos about the real code talkers who helped our country win the war," he went on to say. 8th grader Danny Samayoa said, "I learned so much about a part of WW2 that I knew nothing about."


Code Talkers 1   Code Talkers 2