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AMS Students Cast Their Vote!

Ashworth students voted today! The results are as follows:
Electoral College Results:
6th Grade: Trump (85 electoral votes in the 6th grade)
7th Grade: Biden (76 electoral votes in the 7th grade)
8th Grade: Trump (108 electoral votes in the 8th grade)
*The states were assigned at random. We did not use all 50 states. Therefore, a candidate did not have to win 270 electoral votes to win the presidency in this mock election.
Popular Vote:
6th Grade: Trump (112=Trump. 66=Biden)
7th Grade: Trump (112=Trump. 88=Biden)
8th Grade: Trump (105=Trump. 71=Biden)
Total for AMS: Trump=329. Biden=225.
Winner of the Electoral College: Trump
Winner of the Popular Vote: Trump
students vote