Gordon County Schools has launched an online learning platform that will allow students and teachers to work safely from home when weather conditions prevent safe travel to our schools.

In anticipation of the season for inclement weather, Gordon County Schools would like to provide our families with an update on our use of online learning opportunities.  As part of our focus on continuous improvement, we have recently re-evaluated the district’s online learning plan for students and staff.  Utilizing feedback from teachers, administrators, and families, a revised plan has been developed for when and how online learning options will be utilized.  Please see the attached Parent Resource Newsletter or visit the “Parents” tab on our website at gcbe.org for complete information.  Below are the highlights of the new implementation plan:

  • Online learning will not be utilized for every day missed for inclement weather.  A district announcement will be made to inform parents and students when online learning will take place.
  • Students have been working in Schoology throughout the year in each of their classes and will continue to be instructed on how to utilize the Schoology system, including how to retrieve inclement weather assignments at home.
  • Technology support staff will be on hand to answer questions via email during online learning days.  Teachers will have scheduled online office hours for the purpose of providing assistance to students/families with specific assignments.
  • Students will have five (5) school days after returning to school to make-up online learning assignments.


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