• Out of concern for the health and welfare of our students, Gordon County Schools has adopted a specific protocol for addressing the nationwide epidemic that is currently plaguing schools around the country.  Vaping and e-cigarettes pose a significant health risk to our students; therefore, Gordon County middle and high schools have implemented a new protocol for disciplining students who violate the code of conduct as it relates to vaping and e-cigarettes beginning on October 14, 2019. 

    Consequences include counseling and education about the dangers of vaping, as well as a combination of ISS and OSS, with tribunal hearings for the 3rd offense.  In addition to these consequences, any vaping paraphernalia found in connection with the offense will be confiscated and not returned.

    Consequences will apply to any student in grades 6-12 who is in intentional or unintentional possession of any vaping paraphernalia during any school-sanctioned activity or on any Gordon County school campus during or outside of normal school hours. While elementary students are not subject to the 6-12 code of conduct, any violation of this code by an elementary-aged student will be treated as a serious violation and disciplined as such by school administration.  We also remind our visitors that all of our campuses are smoke-free environments and ask no vaping or e-cigarettes be used while visiting our schools or school-sanctioned events. 

    To view a complete description of the consequences that will be assigned to students, you can click the link to the left- Vaping Violation Notice of Consequences.  

    We appreciate your assistance in implementing this new protocol and your understanding in enforcing these consequences in an effort to ensure the welfare of all of our students.