Student Enrollment Information

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When is PALs, Pre-K & Kindergarten registration?

February 1 - March 10, 2024

Which School Will My Child Attend?

Please visit the school zone map here.

Preschool Play & Learn (PALs) will only take place at Belwood Elementary.

General Information

In order to attend school in the Gordon County School District, new students and their families must complete all required forms, provide the required documentation, and submit verification of the family’s address to the registrar at the school for which they are seeking enrollment. Registration packets can be obtained at each Gordon County School. Parents are encouraged to contact the school prior to arriving for registration.  

AGE ELIGIBILITY for Preschool Play and Learn (PAL) program: 

Enrollment into the PALs program is available for students who are three years of age on or before July 1, 2023, who are not yet eligible for Pre-K enrollment

AGE ELIGIBILITY for Pre-K programs: 

Gordon County students who are four years of age on or before September 1, 2024, are eligible for Gordon County Schools Pre-K enrollment

AGE ELIGIBILITY for K-12 programs: 

Other than students specifically exempted by rule or law, the following individuals are eligible for enrollment: 

  • Students who have attained the age of five by September 1, unless they attain the age of 20 by September 1

  • Special education students through the age of 21

  • Students currently enrolled in a Gordon County Schools Pre-K program will be given kindergarten registration information at the beginning of the registration window. Other students may obtain this information from the front office of any Gordon County Elementary School. 

Student Enrollment Documents

All student enrollment documents can be found by visiting the official enrollment page here.