2023-2024 School Year

Nutrition Information

Additional Gordon County Schools Nutrition information can be found here.


All Gordon County students receive breakfast at no cost. Lunch costs are listed below. Extra helpings and a la carte items are available for minimal charges, which are posted in the school cafeterias.



Reduced $0.00

Reduced $0.00

Full Paying Elementary: $0.00

Full Paying Elementary: $2.50

Full Paying Middle/High: $0.00

Full Paying Middle/High: $2.65

Adult/Staff: $2.50

Adult/Staff: $4.00

Second Breakfast

Second Lunch

Elementary: $1.75

Elementary: $2.50

Middle/High: $1.75

Middle/High: $2.65

Payment Responsibility for Meals:

It is the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to provide the means for their student to be properly fed and ready to learn. In order to do this, parents have three options:

  1. Provide money for the student or students to purchase a school meal

  2. Complete the free/reduced application to determine eligibility of meal benefits

  3. Send a lunch from home

All Gordon County students are eligible to apply for free or reduced meal benefits. Federal guidelines allow school systems a maximum of ten (10) days to approve a new free and reduced-price meal application; upon dated receipt at the School Nutrition Office.

No student is allowed a free and reduced-price meal without a current approved application (for this School year 2023-2024) on file in the School Nutrition Department.

All Parents/guardians who apply or do not for free and reduced-price meal benefits are responsible for payment of all school meals and accumulated charges until approval is granted or the grace period expires (9/18/23) and no status is granted.

Once approval is granted, parents will receive a notification letter (via paper letter sent home with the child and via email on file) of a student’s eligibility showing the effective date. If a notification letter is not received within ten (10) days, parents should check with the School Nutrition Central Office to see if the free and reduced application has been received.

Paying for Meals

Charges may be paid using cash, money order, check or online at www.schoolcafe.com. School Café charges a convenience fee for online payments. You may establish a School Café account even if you do not wish to pay online; you can use a School Café account to see the daily menus and nutritional information, to see how much money is in your child(ren)'s account, and to submit a Free and Reduced application. Please click this SchoolCafe link for instructions on setting up an account for your student.

CASH:   Please place the money into an envelope.  Include the following information on the front of the envelope:

  • Full name of student

  • Homeroom teacher's name and grade

  • Student ID 

MONEY ORDER:   Please make it payable to Gordon County School Nutrition Dept.  Include your child's full name with Student ID Number.  

CHECK:   Please make check payable to Gordon County School Nutrition Dept. Be sure to include the following information on the check: 

  • Adult name, address, and telephone number 

  • Driver's license number of the check writer

  • Child's name and student ID number 

Returned checks are handled by CHECKredi Payment Services

If the School Nutrition Program receives 2 checks returned for non-sufficient funds (NSF) checks will no longer be accepted as a form of payment from the check writer.

ONLINE:   Please visit  www.schoolcafe.com to make online payments into your child(ren)'s account.  School Café charges a convenience fee for online payments, and to make them you will need the following:

  • Credit or debit card

  • Your child's/children's student ID number  

Please click this SchoolCafe link for instructions on setting up an account for your student. You may contact the School Nutrition Office at 706-625-0786 or lmckinney@gcbe.org if you do not know your child's student ID number.

Free & Reduced Meals

 Free & Reduced Applications will be necessary again in 2023-2024!

Gordon County School Nutrition is asking all families (1 per HOUSEHOLD, please do not submit duplicates) to submit a Free and Reduced Meal Application by September 18, 2023, to see if your child(ren) qualify.

Applications will be available starting July 5, 2023.  Families can complete a paper application, or online application at www.schoolcafe.com or on the School Café mobile app, which can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store.

If you have any Questions? Please call the School Nutrition Office at 706-625-0786, ask for Lisa McKinney or Nicole Head for help.

  • Paper application packet (a total of 8 pages; the application is on pages 7-8):

    • Click here for the application packet in English.

    • Click here for the application packet in Spanish (Español).

    • You may also pick up a copy at any Gordon County School.

  • Electronic:

    • Go to www.schoolcafe.com;


    • Download the SchoolCafé mobile app from The App Store or Google Play and submit your application on the app