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Save the Date!

Kindergarten Registration - April 14-18th


CRCT and CRCT-M administration dates have been changed. Because of the number of missed instructional days caused by the winter storms, the CRCT schedule was revised to allow an additional week of instruction for students prior to testing.


Grades 3 – 8

April 30 - Reading

May 1 - ELA

May 6 - Math

May 7 - Science

May 8  - Social Studies



Grades 3 – 8

April 29 - Reading

May 2 - ELA

May 5 - Math


Make up of Instructional Time Missed Due to Inclement Weather

All of Gordon County schools’ regular daily schedules far exceed the minimum number of instructional minutes required to constitute a school day as defined by State Board rule 160-5-1-.02; therefore, we will be looking at the definition of a school year to include the “equivalent” of 180 student days defined in the same rule.  Understanding that the winter weather that affects school attendance may not be over, we are working on a plan to ensure we meet this definition.  We do not, however, want to overlook the importance of instructional time in regard to student achievement and will take this into account as we plan to make up for lost time with our students.  There are several scenarios that will allow us to accomplish this without taking away scheduled breaks that were not originally marked as inclement weather days.  We understand that families may have made arrangements to be out next week and during spring break, and we do not want to usurp those plans.  What we can share at this point is that students will attend school on March 14th in lieu of the scheduled professional learning/student holiday and the early release days scheduled for March 19th for elementary students and March 20th for secondary students will be full instructional days.  We are also looking into adding a few additional minutes to some of our remaining school days; however, the specifics of this plan have not yet been finalized, but we will release them as soon as possible. 

Susan Remillard, Ed.D., Superintendent Gordon County Schools

2014 System Spelling Bee Winner!

Congratulations Hannah Roberts for being the 2014 System Spelling Bee Winner! Congratulations also to Natalie Knight for being the runner up of the Spelling Bee. Hannah is an 8th grader at Sonoraville Middle School and Natalie is a fifth grader from Red Bud Elementary.