11 RBMS Tome Society Student stand together holding their team trophy

CALHOUN, GA – The Red Bud Middle School Tome Student Literacy Society team claimed the title of State Champions at the Jr Tome Reading Bowl competition earlier this month.

The Red Bud Middle School (RBMS) Tome Society is comprised of young readers who read ten novels from the Tome’s It List over the course of six months. Teams from across the state competed against one another to earn points by answering questions on the details of the books on the It list which included titles such as The Unteachables by Gordon Korman and Ali Cross by James Patterson.

Team members competed in three online Reading Bowl quizzes from October to February to qualify for the Tome Student Literacy Society state competition. At the competition, students competed against the top-four scoring teams from across the state. RBMS entered the competition in fourth place and after four highly competitive rounds of competition, the RBMS team claimed the state title.

Tome Student Literacy Society team members could also compete in individual or partner student competitions in areas that included graphic design, infographics, research, writing, and video. The following RBMS Tome members earned awards for their individual and partner competitions:

  • Kaleb King & Pippa McKinney: 1st Place for Infographic
  • Cooper Maytum & William Parish: 1st Place for Current Issues Portfolio
  • Preslie Parish: 1st Place for Book Print Video
  • Makayla Burgraff: 2nd Place for Book Cover Redesign
  • William Parish: 2nd Place for Character to Author Letter
  • Cooper Maytum: 3rd Place for It-Like-Try Graphic
  • Kaleb King, Pippa McKinney, & Madelyn Scroggs: 3rd Place for Library Video Commercial
  • Serenidy Wood: 3rd Place for It List Book Review Blog & 3rd Place for It List Book Trailer

To learn more about the Tome Student Literacy Society visit www.tomesociety.org


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