Over the last two years, Gordon County Schools has been able to provide free, nutritious meals to our students due to the USDA waivers associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. These federal waivers have enabled Gordon County Schools to:

  • Provide free breakfast and lunch to all students in all GCS schools
  • Provide free meal bags to anyone age 18 or younger when schools were closed

These waivers expire today, June 30, 2022, unless Congress extends the USDA's authority for the waivers. If the waivers are not extended, the Gordon County School Nutrition Program will resume its meal program prior to COVID-19.

Families are encouraged to complete the School Benefit Form (Free or Reduced Meals) to determine eligibility for the 2022-2023 school year. The Free or Reduced Meal Application will be live starting July 1st!

Families should plan on the following for the next school year:

  • Breakfast will still be served at no cost to all students.
  • School lunch meals should be paid for in advance or at the time of purchase.

Find more information about the Free and Reduced Meal Application or apply online by visiting

Thank you for your understanding as we adjust our program based on federal funding.