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The Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) recently accepted Gordon County Schools into the 2022-2023 Economic Development Partnership (EDP) Designation program.

The EDP is a district wide certification process that prepares school districts to adopt best practices and behaviors that support economic development, strengthen their programs, and align education with key regional industries. In terms of Economic Development, the EDP elevates the capability of school systems to fill their role in the community business recruitment and expansion efforts and as a catalyst for talent development in the community.

Deputy Superintendent of Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education (CTAE), Dr. Barbara Wall, is excited about this year’s EDP program. “The Economic Development Partnership (EDP) designation supports a school district’s ability to contribute effectively to their local and regional workforce development efforts. Developing a strong relationship between education, business and industry, and economic development stakeholders ensures that our CTAE programs continue to deliver real opportunities and rewarding careers, workforce ready skills, and a real high school experience. In return, our pathways deliver for business and industry and economic development by growing and sustaining the future talent pipeline of the communities they serve. I am very proud of the districts that applied and have been accepted into the program for this year. Our team looks forward to working alongside Gordon County Schools on their journey to achieve the EDP”.

Gordon County Schools Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education (CTAE) Director, Leah Newsom, will partner with their business and industry and economic development stakeholders to work towards achieving the EDP designation. To achieve the EDP designation, districts must meet required elements that includes a focus on business and industry partnerships, strength of local CTAE program offerings, and the school district’s economic development related activities.

Gordon County Schools will work with representatives from the Georgia Department of Education throughout the next fiscal year on their journey to achieve the EDP.


About Gordon County Schools 

Gordon County Schools system serves around 6,500+ students in schools across the county including six elementary schools, two middle schools, and two high schools. The mission of the Gordon County School system is to build a collaborative culture that engages all students and staff in learning experiences leading to growth, empowerment, and transformation.