The Gordon County Schools Wellness Committee welcomes participation from our parents, guardians, and community partners.
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flyer for Wellness Meeting
Parent and Family Engagement Month Contest - Week 1 is Here! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🎉 We're thrilled to kick off our annual competition, and you won't want to miss out on the fun and fantastic prizes we have in store! Here's what's in store for Week 1: Activity 1: A well-worded question is a quick way to connect after a long day. Try a conversation starter to get things started. Go around the table and let each person answer this question: If today were a food, what food would it be? Activity 2: Take turns asking “Would you rather…..?” questions. You can make up your own, but here are a couple to get you started: -… able to fly or be invisible? -… without social media or the internet? Activity 3: Have an Ingredient Race! Pick one of the ingredients from your meal and put in the center of the table. Give everyone a piece of paper and pencil and take 2 minutes to write down as many dinners that use that ingredient as possible. Whoever comes up with the most dinners wins! Activity 4: If you could work at any job in the world, what would your job be and where would you want to work? Activity 5: Arts & Crafts can help make dinner time fun in creative ways. Try creating your own placemats. All it takes is some blank paper and crayons or markers. Use your imagination and discuss your drawings as you eat. Don't forget to submit your completed activities via social media or email to for a chance to win! You can earn up to 15 entries throughout November. Plus, there's a bonus activity waiting for you on our website at Let the fun and family bonding begin! #GoCoSchools #GCSTogetherWeThrive
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a picture of a family standing together - with the gordon county schools logo that says "november is parent and family engagement month: week 1 activities"
The November Gordon County Schools Connection Newsletter is here! 📣 We are excited to share another edition of the Gordon County Schools Connection: A Monthly Community Newsletter. Our November issue is packed with exciting updates, including Veterans Day celebrations, remarkable student achievements, Parent & Family Engagement Month, and a whole lot more. This is a read you won't want to miss! Dive into the action-packed content here: #GoCoSchools #GCSTogetherWeThrive
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november edition of the gordon county schools connection - a community newsletter
NATIONAL CHAMPION: Sonoraville High School student and FFA Vice President Makena Blalock is representing us proudly at this year's National FFA Convention in Indiana as a National Delegate - AND she's bringing home a NATIONAL WIN! Makena earned a national championship title today for her outstanding agriscience project in Division 3 of the Social Systems category of the National Agriscience Fair! Way to go, Makena! #GoCoSchools #GCSTogetherWeThrive
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a girl is presented an award on a live broadcast
We recently had a blast with our Partner in Education, Shaw Industries Group, Inc., as they teamed up with the Pre-K and Kindergarten students at Belwood Elementary School! Together, they delved into the magical world of books and carved pumpkins, creating unforgettable memories and spreading the joy of learning! #GoCoSchools #GCSTogetherWeThrive
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adults watch as a student removes the inside of a pumpkin
Yesterday was an inspiring day at Gordon County Schools as peer leaders from across the school system came together for Sources of Strength training. They're ready to empower their peers with strength, hope, and support, making our school community even stronger! 💪 #GoCoSchools #GCSTogetherWeThrive
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Exciting news! Gordon County Schools is thrilled to announce our participation in a friendly Parent and Family Engagement Month competition this November. Families are in for a chance to win incredible prize packs by participating in weekly activities together. Each week, we've handpicked 5 engaging activities from the Family Dinner Project for families to complete. Submit each completed activity via social media or email to earn one entry, with the opportunity to accumulate up to 15 entries throughout November. The anticipation will build as we gear up to announce the lucky winners during the week of December 4th. Get ready to kick off the competition starting November 6th! We hope you will join us in strengthening family connections and creating lasting memories!
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A family smiles together - words beside them say "november is parent and family engagement month"
November is here, and so are some truly delicious meals in your Gordon County Schools!
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November breakfast menus - elementary
November lunch menus - elementary
November breakfast menus - middle schools
November lunch menus - middle schools
November breakfast menus - High schools
November lunch menus - high schools
Happy Halloween from Gordon County Schools! 👻🎃 Wishing all our students, families, and staff a spooktacular and safe Halloween filled with laughter, treats, and unforgettable memories. #GoCoSchools #GCSTogetherWeThrive
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REMINDER: Next Monday, November 6, is an At-Home Learning Day. This day allows our teachers to prepare for great classroom lessons and gives students a chance to catch up on assignments if they've fallen behind. Thanksgiving break is also approaching and schools will be closed November 20-24! Be sure to mark your calendars and check out the full academic schedule here: #GoCoSchools #GCSTogetherWeThrive
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upcoming events - november 6: at home learning day and pl day for teachers - november 20-24 is thanksgiving break and schools are closed
Get ready to make a difference in our community as Gordon County Schools proudly announces the launch of the Fired Up Food Drive in collaboration with the VOLUNTARY ACTION CENTER - Hand Up, Inc.! Starting today, from October 30th to November 3rd, join us in collecting canned goods and unopened non-perishable items to support our community partner, the VAC. Let's come together and ignite change through the Fired Up Food Drive! #GoCoSchools #GCSTogetherWeThrive
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flyer that states: FIRED UP FOOD DRIVE A n y d o n a t i o n s o f n o n - p e r i s h a b l e i t ems a r e g r e a t l y a p p r e c i a t e d . H e r e a r e s ome s u g g e s t i o n s f o r c o n s i d e r a t i o n . C a n n e d V e g e t a b l e s : M i x e d v e g g i e s , S o u r K r a u t , t u r n i p g r e e n s , e t c . C a n n e d B e a n s : B l a c k , K i d n e y , G a r b a n z o , P i n t o , B u t t e r , L i ma , e t c . C a n n e d P e a s : S w e e t , C r o w d e r , B l a c k e y e d , e t c . P o t a t o e s : C a n n e d o r i n s t a n t C a n n e d T oma t o e s : D i c e d , C r u s h e d , Wh o l e , S a u c e , a n d P a s t e C a n n e d S o u p s a n d C a n n e d P a s t a C a n n e d P r o t e i n s : T u n a , S p a m , V i e n n a S a u s a g e s , e t c . VOLUNTARY ACTION CENTER GORDON COUNTY SCHOOLS OCTOBER 30 - NOVEMBER 3 D O N A T I O N S N E E D E D DONATIONS HELP THOSE LIVING HERE IN GORDON COUNTY D o n a t e d f o o d p r o v i d e s h o t me a l s a n d g r o c e r i e s a t n o c o s t . T h e V A C h a s a l r e a d y d i s t r i b u t e d mo r e t h a n 5 1 , 0 0 0 f o o d i t ems i n 2 0 2 3 . I n 2 0 2 2 G o r d o n C o u n t y S c h o o l s d o n a t e d  2 3,379 n o n - p e r i s h a b l e  items . S i n c e  J a n u a r y   h e  V A C  h a s  s e e n  a  6 1 %  i n c r e a s e i n  f o o d  r e q u e s t s .
Lolli, the beloved K9 ambassador of the Gordon County Sheriff's Office, has been a cherished presence in our elementary schools, thanks to the dedication of her handler, Sergeant Jarod Powell. As she embarks on her well-deserved retirement, we celebrate Lolli for her years of service and the countless smiles she's brought to our Gordon County Schools community while she takes her final walks through each of our elementary schools. 📷Lolli's walk at Red Bud Elementary School, escorted by Sergeant Powell, Corporal Massingill and Detective Fox
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a group of men walk a dog through a crowd of children
a group of men walk a dog through a crowd of children
a group of men walk a dog through a crowd of children
a group of men walk a dog through a crowd of children
Congratulations to our winners of the 2023 Red Ribbon Week 'Drugs Don't Work' poster contest: -Belwood Elementary: Caroline Nasco -Fairmount Elementary: McKinzie Patterson -Red Bud Elementary: Easton Selvy -Sonoraville Elementary: Raelyn Stickler -Tolbert Elementary: Ashley Avila Diaz (not pictured) -W.L. Swain Elementary: Kinsley Stone -Ashworth Middle: Karla Vincente -Red Bud Middle: Ryleigh Blalock -Gordon Central High: Lilly Moore -Sonoraville High: Becca Tippett We are grateful to the Gordon County Chamber of Commerce for their support in hosting the Red Ribbon Week contest, providing a valuable platform for our K-12th grade students to creatively express the 'Be Kind to your Mind. Live Drug Free.' message, promoting a healthier and drug-free community." #GoCoSchools #GCSTogetherWeThrive
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Gordon County Agriculture Literacy Day - An Unforgettable Experience for GCS Future Farmers! We're thrilled to share the amazing success of the Gordon County Young Farmers Agriculture Literacy Day, held at the Northwest Georgia Agricultural Pavilion! This special event brought together FFA students and educators from Sonoraville High, Gordon Central High, Ashworth Middle, and Red Bud Middle to host an enriching experience for third-grade students from every GCS elementary school. Our young learners delved into the vital world of farming, discovering the incredible responsibilities of farmers who work tirelessly to provide us and the world with the safest, highest quality, diverse, and affordable supply of food, fiber, and shelter. Students had a blast interacting with farm animals, learning the art of butter-making, exploring the origins of their food, and gaining insights into different plant parts. A heartfelt 'Thank You' to the generous partners in education who made this day possible: - Calhoun Farm Supply - Gordon County, Georgia Farm Bureau Insurance - Mauldin Trash Service - Fairmount Poultry - AgGeorgia Farm Credit - Little Red Barn Mobile Petting Farm - Gordon County Extension/4-H - Wildlife Resources Division - Georgia DNR - AdventHealth Gordon - Red Carpet Cattlemen's Association - North Georgia EMC And a special shoutout to the Red Carpet Cattlemen Association for providing a delicious lunch for all our dedicated volunteers! #GoCoSchools #GCSTogetherWeThrive
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ELITE 8: The Sonoraville High School Phoenix Softball take the field tomorrow to play the Whitewater Wildcats in the Elite 8 round of the GHSA playoffs at 1:00 PM. We wish the players and the coaches the best of luck!! #GCSTogetherWeThrive #GoCoSchools
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In honor of School Bus Safety Week, GCS students are actively engaging in lessons about the importance of school bus safety. Tim Watkins, Director of Transportation, and Jo Ann Akins, Safety Coordinator, have been making special visits to our schools. They are sharing information on being responsible bus riders, emphasizing safe procedures for boarding and exiting the bus, and reviewing how to respond in case of a bus-related emergency. We appreciate all of our bus drivers and what they do for us each and every day! #GoCoSchools #GCSTogetherWeThrive
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Gordon County Schools would like to express our heartfelt thanks to AdventHealth Gordon, our valued Partner in Education, for the wonderful luncheon and the informative conversation about mammograms. We would like to extend our gratitude to Wendy Taylor and Emily Tarpley for joining us today to share in their mission of promoting preventative health education and awareness. Through this meaningful partnership, Gordon County Schools' staff has been provided with pink light bulbs to actively participate in community awareness initiatives during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Together, we can shine a pink light on Breast Cancer Awareness. #GoCoSchools #GCSTogetherWeThrive
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Fairmount Elementary School has been actively engaging with its families and the community through a series of exciting events in October. Recently, they hosted "A Taste of Ag Literacy Night" where students and their families got to savor delicious samples of strawberries, dairy treats, apples, and corn while enjoying stories related to each food. Alongside this, students had hands-on experiences, learning about planting seeds and the growth process. Additionally, their annual Fall Festival brought the community together for a day of fun and festivities, featuring games, trunk or treat, a cake walk, inflatables, a photo booth, and the chance to earn a free Halloween costume in exchange for canned goods. #GoCoSchools #GCSTogetherWeThrive
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two students smile in a crowd
two adults smile at a trunk or treat
two students smile for a photo
a group poses for a funny picture
Earlier today, Ish Lewis, a software engineering team leader at Shaw Industries Group, Inc., shared his journey of personal and professional growth in public speaking with the Belwood Elementary School student leadership team. He emphasized the importance of effective public speaking and encouraged students to develop their communication skills. The event saw students gaining confidence as they practiced introducing themselves and speaking in progressively larger groups, with one particularly courageous student, Kinsley Gal, even receiving a well-deserved public speaking certificate after being given a random topic and speaking publicly in front of the group. #GoCoSchools #GCSTogetherWeThrive
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a man shows a student how to do a handshake
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Students from Tolbert Elementary School had an exciting and educational day at Gordon Central High School, participating in a range of engaging activities with their peers from the GCHS Teaching as a Profession classes and various teachers. The kindergartners had a blast exploring various areas of the high school, visiting the ROTC to witness military exercises, reading books to enhance their literacy skills, and even playing with a skeleton to learn about the human body. In the photography class, they discovered the art of capturing moments, using iPads and a green screen to take flight into their imaginative worlds. The day was topped off with a memorable visit to the agriculture room, where they met Olive, a 300-pound pig, creating lasting memories and fostering a love for hands-on learning. #GoCoSchools #GCSTogetherWeThrive
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a girl holds a camera
a boy puts playdough on a skeleton
kids pet a pig
two girls smiling while reading a book